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標題: 2018臺中花博舉辦地環境地形先期調查:利用無人飛行載具與空載光達技術
Preliminary Investigation of Environmental Topography at 2018 Taichung Flora Exposition Area by UAV and Airborne LiDAR Techniques
作者: Yu-Shen Hsiao
Bo-Hsien Su
Da-Xian Zhuang
Su-Chin Chen
關鍵字: UAV
Airborne LiDAR
Taichung flora exposition
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
摘要: 本研究利用無人飛行載具(UAV)與空載光達系統(LiDAR),對2018年臺中花博預定地進行先期環境地形調查工作,調查時間為2014年2月份,調查位置約在經度120°43'20'至120°45'00'與緯度24°17'15'至24°18'20'之間約300ha后里地區。利用UAV來獲取10cm解析度的數值表面模型,而利用LiDAR來得到1m解析度的數值表面模型、數值高程模型與剩餘模型。UAV與LiDAR的測量原理與相關實驗流程皆完整描述於內文之中。畫區域內的坡度、坡向與環境水文等皆嚴密的計算與分析。本研究調查成果發現,本地區海拔約在200~400m之間,地勢西低東高。東部有完整的自然林地,地形多為丘陵地及部份山嶺地所組成,樹高大多介於14~25m之間。本研究成果希望對未來臺中花博舉辦前,提供相關會場規劃與設計之初步參考。
The study is aimed at investigating environmental topography at 2018 Taichung flora exposition and surrounding areas by use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and airborne Light Detection And Ranging (Airborne LiDAR). The practical surveys were carried out over Houli area with a location 120°43'20'W-120°45'00'W and 24°17'15'N-24°18'20'N in February, 2014. UAV is applied to obtain a Digital Surface Model (DSM) with a spatial resolution of 10cm, and LiDAR is adopted to acquire both DSM and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with resolutions of 1m. The theories and experiments of UAV and LiDAR are both entirely described. Topographic slopes, topographic slope aspects, and environmental hydrology of the area are precisely computed and analyzed. The elevations in the study area vary from 200 to 400m, and increase gradually from west to east. In addition, natural woodlands with tree height of 14~25m are averagely distributed in Eastern part, which mostly contains hilly and mountainous terrains. We hope that the results are able to be taken as references for planning and design of 2018 Taichung flora exposition.
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