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標題: A Novel Measurement System for Mechanical Parts
作者: Kuo-Yi Huang
Yuh-Chung Hu
Mu-Tian Yan
Liang-Shun Chang
關鍵字: mechanical parts (MPs)
wire EDM
break profiles
image processing
摘要: In this paper, a novel measurement system simply comprising a scanner is proposed to measurethe profiles of mechanical parts (MPs) fabricated by wire electrical discharge machining (EDM).The scanner is used to acquire images of MPs, and a novel measurement procedure is employed,wherein the edge bands of MP images are extracted and then break profiles are fitted and linkedto achieve more accurate profiles of MPs. The Sobel filter and image processing techniques areemployed to segment edge bands of the MP images. The central moment and polynomial curvefitting are then used to find break profiles in edge bands. Finally, a Bezier curve is employed to linkbreak profiles of edge bands of the images. Experimental results show that the proposed systemis accurate and can effectively yield an estimate of the profile of an MP image. This method isimmediately applicable in industry to measure MPs because of its simplicity.
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