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標題: 《纂異記》所表述「自我實現」中之文人意識
The mentality of Tang Dynasty literati in the course of their self-realization as reflected in Zuan Yi Ji
作者: Huang Tung-Yang
關鍵字: 李玫
Li Mei
Zuan Yi Ji
Tang legend
mentality of literati
culture discussion
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學中國文學系
摘要: 本文以李玫《纂異記》作為研究文本,嘗試梳理出唐代文人在實現自我的歷 程中,如何看待及面對當時社會所施加在此階級的要求與期望。就文人自我實踐 的歷程而言,李玫以為具備了理解社會發展規律的能力,才得以居於大傳統中的 社會核心,可運用政治的權力,開展入世利他的職責,並且已理解此職責亦是文 人生命的目的;惟李玫在現實的實踐中,卻落入科考失利和政黨傾軋的困境裡而 無法自脫,徹底喪失了仕進的機會,致使李玫必須重新尋得人生的意義。就困頓 的詮釋方式來看,李玫將自己屢次科考不中的失敗,歸咎於當時科舉制度被價值 偏差的政治集團所把持結果,以迴避來自外在及自我的批評壓力;在絕意仕進下, 則試圖用重新回到自己原有倫理關係中的身份,與開始關注宗教信仰對生命的詮 釋,另尋人生的價值,由入世而趨向出世。是書完整的記錄文人從初始投身試場, 意欲藉由出仕成就自我的價值,其後總失意於場屋後,更易了原來汲汲於入世的 人生目標,轉向於出世的心路歷程。
This paper used Zuan Yi Ji by Li Mei in an attempt to sort out the course of self-realization in Tang Dynasty literati, the demand and expectation of the society on them. First, in terms of the journey for literati to realize self-value, Li Mei thought that having excellent insight of history would enable one to enter the core of power and use the political power (might) to achieve “altruistic” duty which is also the value of life of a literati. But in the real world, Li Wei was trapped in the predicament of failing the imperial examinations and power struggle in the government, unable to escape and totally lost his opportunity of entering upon an official career .and had to research on the meaning of life. Second, in terms of the way of explanation of his meeting difficulties in life, Li Mei thought that his repeated failure in the imperial examinations was due to the domination of the examinations by political group with deviated value. Therefore, after giving up his intention in the official career, Li Mei tried to stay home and started to pay close attention to the religious explanation of life and look for the value of life of man.
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