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標題: Kinetic study on low temperature coalescence of carboxylate-protected Ag nanoparticles for interconnect applications
作者: Jenn-Ming Song
Tsung-Yun Pai
Kun-Hung Hsieh
Ming-Yan Lai
Chi-Nan Cheng
Sin-Yong Liang
Hsin-Yi Lee
Lung-Tai Chen
摘要: Reduction and coalescence for carboxylate-capped Ag nanoparticles can be achieved in several minutes by soaking the nanoparticle deposits in ascorbic acid aqueous solution. The reduced deposits exhibit a low electrical resistivity in the same order as with bulk Ag. The effect of the chain length of the carboxylates and the kinetics of particle coalescence were explored in this study. Bendable conductive films can be fabricated on a PDMS substrate using this low temperature chemical reduction method.
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