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dc.contributor.authorPin Hanzh_TW
dc.contributor.authorJunhong Wengzh_TW
dc.contributor.author韓 斌zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe conditions for Talbot images and Talbot spectra associated with a 2D orthogonal periodicity structure are obtained with the transfer function method. It is found that the longitudinal distances to find the whole 2D Talbot images are the least common multiple of each of the individual 1D Talbot periodicities. Also, the transversal locations to find the Talbot spectra are given, where the detected spectra are identical to the incident one without the effect of diffraction. The spectral switches involved are also presented. Talbot images and Talbot spectra of a 2D orthogonal periodicity structure | Request PDF. Available from: [accessed Feb 02 2018].zh_TW
dc.relationJournal of Optics, . 18 (2016) 055606 (7pp)zh_TW
dc.subjectTalbot imageszh_TW
dc.subjectspectral switcheszh_TW
dc.subjectperiodic structures with two periodicitieszh_TW
dc.subjectTalbot spectrazh_TW
dc.titleTalbot images and Talbot spectra of a 2D orthogonal periodicity structurezh_TW
dc.typeJournal Articlezh_TW
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