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標題: The Function of the SAS10/C1D Family Protein, Thallo, in Plants
作者: 陳瀠莙
Ying-Jiun Chen
關鍵字: Thallo
核醣體DNA variant
核醣體RNA 加工
rDNA variant
rRNA processing
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摘要: The nucleolus is the site of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene transcription, rRNA processing, and assembly of mature rRNAs with ribosomal proteins. The rRNA regulatory network underlying the structure and function of the plant nucleolus is largely unknown. We performed an in silico screen for essential genes of unknown function in Arabidopsis thaliana and identified Thallo (THAL) encoding a SAS10/C1D family protein. THAL disruption caused enlarged nucleoli in arrested embryos, aberrant processing of precursor rRNAs at the 5’ External Transcribed Spacer, and repression of the major rDNA variant (VAR1). THAL overexpression lines showed de-repression of VAR1 and overall reversed effects on rRNA processing sites. Strikingly, THAL overexpression also induced formation of multiple nucleoli per nucleus phenotypic of mutants of heterochromatin factors. THAL physically associated with histone chaperone Nucleolin 1 (NUC1), histone-binding NUC2, and histone demethylase Jumonji 14 (JMJ14) in bimolecular fluorescence complementation assay, suggesting that it participates in chromatin regulation. Furthermore, investigation of truncated THAL proteins revealed that the SAS10 C-terminal domain is likely important for its function in chromatin configuration. THAL also interacted with putative Small Subunit processome components, including previously unreported Arabidopsis homologue of yeast M Phase Phosphoprotein 10 (MPP10). Our results uncover the dual role of THAL in transcription and processing events critical for proper rRNA biogenesis and nucleolar organization during reproduction. This is the first study to define the function of SAS10/C1D family members in plants.
真核細胞之核醣體RNA被轉錄、加工,並與核醣體蛋白組裝在核仁中。核醣體RNA的基因轉錄與加工的調控機制在植物中尚不清楚,尤其是其與核仁結構的關係。我們在一個篩選當中找到了一個必要的基因並命名為Thallo (THAL),而其合成的蛋白質屬於SAS10/C1D family。THAL突變造成增大的核仁於停止在球型的胚胎中、異常的5端External Transcribed Spacer核醣體RNA加工,以及主要核醣體DNA variant (VAR1)表現抑制。THAL大量表現則造成VAR1活化和對於核醣體RNA加工相反的作用。顯目地是,THAL大量表現也形成了多個核仁,猶如異染色質的突變株顯型。THAL與組蛋白伴侶分子Nucleolin 1 (NUC1)、結合組蛋白之NUC2,及組蛋白甲基轉移酶Jumonji 14 (JMJ14)皆有相互作用,暗示著其可能參與染色質之調控。除此之外,THAL截短蛋白研究顯示SAS10 C-terminal domain對於其在染色質結構的功能可能相當重要。THAL也與Small Subunit processome分子作用,包括未曾被發表的酵母菌M Phase Phosphoprotein 10 (MPP10)之阿拉伯芥同源蛋白。我們的研究成果揭發了THAL於核醣體RNA生合成必要的轉錄與加工之雙重功能,並進而影響核仁結構與植物繁殖。此篇發表是第一個定義植物SAS10/C1D family蛋白功能的研究著作。
文章公開時間: 2016-11-30
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