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dc.contributor.authorChih-Feng Huangzh_TW
dc.contributor.authorMiao-Jia Chenzh_TW
dc.contributor.authorChing-Hsuan Linzh_TW
dc.contributor.authorYeo-Wan Chiangzh_TW
dc.description.abstractWe synthesized a series of copolybenzamides (PBA) through chain-growth condensation polymerization (CGCP) of 4-(octylamino)benzoate (M4OB) and methyl 3-(4-(octyloxy)benzylamino) benzoate (M3OOB) co-monomers. Well-defined copolybenzamides with close to theoretical molecular weights (Mn ≈ 10,000–13,000) and narrow molecular weight distributions (Mw/Mn < 1.40) were obtained. Selective removals of the protecting group (i.e., 4-(octyloxy)benzyl group) from the affording P(M3OOB-co-M4OB) copolybenzamides were subsequently performed to obtain P(M3NH-co-M4OB) copolymers. These novel N-H-containing copolybenzamides (named as PNHBA) can not only provide hydrogen bonds for polymer-polymer blends but also have good solubility in organic solvents. Miscibility of the PNHBA and Nylon 6 blends was investigated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), FT-IR, contact angle analysis, transmission electron microscope (TEM), and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). This study illustrates a novel type of copolybenzamide with controlled molecular weight and narrow molecular weight distribution through an effective synthetic strategy, and can be applied to a practical blend of Nylon 6 with good miscibility. (PDF) Synthesis of Well-Defined Poly(N-H Benzamide-co-N-Octyl Benzamide)s and the Study of their Blends with Nylon 6. Available from: [accessed Oct 12 2018].zh_TW
dc.relationPolymers, May 2017, 9(5):172zh_TW
dc.subjectchain-growth condensation polymerizationzh_TW
dc.subjectNylon 6zh_TW
dc.subjectpolymer blendszh_TW
dc.titleSynthesis of Well-Defined Poly(N-H Benzamide-co-N-Octyl Benzamide)s and the Study of their Blends with Nylon 6zh_TW
dc.typeJournal Articlezh_TW
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