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標題: 走出創傷之幻相之旅- 保羅奧斯特《月宮》&《幻影書》
Illusory Journeys Out of Trauma in Paul Auster''s Moon Palace & The Book of Illusions
作者: 葉淑庸
Shu-Yung Yeh
關鍵字: 幻相
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摘要: 摘 要 保羅•奧斯特(Paul Auster)的小說已經被公認為後現代文學的重要作品,小說中常出現身份認同問題的混淆,主體自主性的不穩定及多變,生命的無意義性...等議題的探討。我藉由拉康的精神分析理論陳述這種不穩定和複雜性不僅是不可避免的,也是無法避免的,而且會不斷重複,因為主體的分裂性帶有原始性創傷。分裂渴望合一;創傷渴望療癒, 所有被壓抑的渴望回返。奧斯特這兩部小說中的所有主角,都曾帶著創傷性的慾望,自我放逐流亡到西方荒原,在過程中一瞥自己的主體,在這一瞥中看到生命的幻相。同時我也用榮格的個體實現理論補充說明自我實現的旅程。在保羅奧斯特的小說裡,世界只是被心識投射出的幻影,人生就是一場無止盡的幻覺旅程。生命本質上就是一種幻相,然而,在認出幻相之前,這種幻相依然是人類在自我實現的旅程中需要體驗穿越的實相。唯有穿越過後走出創傷的回首,才能見其本是一切皆幻。
Paul Auster''s works have been read as typical examples of postmodern literature. The confusion of the identification, the instable subjectivity, the meaninglessness of life, the alienation and solitude and so on are the main themes discussed. I will use Lacan''s psychoanalytic theory to state that the instability and complexity are not only unavoidable but also repeatedly return as every speaking subject is a split subject in Lacan''s term, and this split causes the lack and void. This void is the place where desires arise to fill the impossible . Meanwhile, I also use Carl Justav Jung''s assertion of Individuation to supplement. I''ll discuss why I approve Auster''s perspectives of the world is an illusion projected by mind, and claim that the value of illusory journey lies in its paradoxical entity. The world of reality is never revealed unless the illusory journey is experienced in the process of self-actualization and self-realization, and finally walk out of trauma and reach individuation.
文章公開時間: 10000-01-01
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