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標題: Study of Surface Metallization of Polyimide Film and Interfacial Characterization
作者: Pei-Yu Wu
Ching-Hsuan Lin
Chih-Ming Chen
關鍵字: metallization
interfacial microstructure
摘要: Nickel (Ni) metallization of polyimide (PI) was performed using a solution-based process including imide-ring opening reactions, the implanting of Ni ions, the reduction of catalytic Ni nanoparticles, and the electroless deposition of a Ni film. The start-up imide-ring opening reaction plays a crucial role in activating inert PI for subsequent Ni implanting and deposition. A basic treatment of potassium hydroxide (KOH) is commonly used in the imide-ring opening reaction where a poly(amic acid) (PAA) layer forms on the PI surface. In this study, we report that the KOH concentration significantly affects the implanting, reduction, and deposition behavior of Ni. A uniform Ni layer can be grown on a PI film with full coverage through electroless deposition with a KOH concentration of 0.5 M and higher. However, excessive imide-ring opening reactions caused by 5 M KOH treatment resulted in the formation of a thick PAA layer embedded with an uneven distribution of Ni nanoparticles. This composite layer (PAA + Ni) causes wastage of the Ni catalyst and degradation of peel strength of the Ni layer on PI.
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