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標題: 鳳仙花屬植物種間雜交與種質資源保存之研究
The interspecies hybridization of Impatiens genus and germplasm resources preservation
作者: 林庭聿
Ting-Yu Lin
關鍵字: 黃花鳳仙花
I. tayemonii
I. devolii
I. walleriana
ovary culture
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摘要: 非洲鳳仙花為台灣冬季重要花壇作物,本試驗藉由原生棲地生態觀察、花被片性狀調查以及雜交授粉等方式,最終挑選非洲鳳仙花與黃花鳳仙花雜交後之胚進行胚拯救,期能獲得性狀新穎,並能於平地生長之鳳仙花。 雪霸國家公園觀霧園區以及台灣大學梅峰農場均為台灣原生黃花鳳仙花、棣慕華鳳仙花、紫花鳳仙花之分布地,植株於此均具有結種結實能力,棣慕華鳳仙花於兩棲地的單一果莢平均種子數量相當,無顯著差異,黃花鳳仙花於觀霧棲地的結種數較多,紫花鳳仙花則以梅峰農場種子數較多,三種鳳仙花僅黃花鳳仙與棣慕華鳳仙花於平地恆溫20℃環境下生長情況良好,因此後續實驗未採用紫花鳳仙花。 於花被片型態以及雜交授粉試驗中,黃花鳳仙花和棣慕華鳳仙花含有3枚萼片及3枚花瓣,非洲鳳仙則含有3枚萼片及5枚花瓣,三種鳳仙花皆由花絲包覆柱頭。棣慕華鳳仙花於開花當日,柱頭即伸入已開裂花藥中,黃花鳳仙花以及非洲鳳仙花需待雄蕊脫落後始進入雌花期。以非洲鳳仙花‘Accent’鮭紅色或白色為種子親與黃花鳳仙花、棣慕華鳳仙花進行單向雜交,蒴果平均於4~6天內落果。由切片圖觀察,以黃花鳳仙花為父本之胚發育,授粉後8天仍未掉落的蒴果內部胚珠,胚囊已呈現空洞化;此外,於授粉後6天亦有觀察到球形胚但胚囊內卻無胚乳。使用不同生長調節劑比例進行子房培養,多數子房皆有膨大現象,然而內部胚珠於培養後3天已出現黑化的情形,培養8天多數胚珠死亡。
Impatiens walleriana was the important winter bedding plants in Taiwan. By observing the habitats as well as the characters of perianths and trying to pollinate, We finally picked up I. walleriana as seed parents and I. taymonii as pollen parents, expecting that the hybrides will surive and be attractive. All three native Impatiens species had the ability to set seeds in Shei-Pa national park and Mai-Feng. The seeds numbers of a capsule in Impatiens devolii was not different in two habitats. Impatiens tayemonii in Shei-Pa national park had more seeds than in Mai-Feng. Impatiens uniflora in Mai-Feng had more seeds than in Shei-Pa national park. Only Impatiens devolii and Impatiens devolii can growth in 20℃ growth chamber, Impatiens uniflora didn`t conduct later experiment of hybridization . In the hybridization test, the perianth of I. tayemonii and I. devolii consisted with three sepals and three petals. I. walleriana had three sepals and five petals. The stigma of three Impatiens species were surrounded with filments. For I. devolii, during the period of initial flower bloom, the stigma will grow and reach into the anther. However, the stamen of I. tayemonii and I. walleriana will fall off and then pistil mature.The capsules which using Impatiens walleriana ‘Accent’ red or white color to cross with Impatiens tayemonii as well as Impatiens devolii dropped after four to six days . Anatomical observation that the embryo sacs were empty after pollinating eight days. The ovules which pollinated after six days could find global embryo but in these embryo sac had no endosperm.Using different ratio of plant growth regulators to conduct ovary culture, most ovaries swelled. However, the ovules were blacking after culturing three days and most ovules dead after culturing eight days in vitro.
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