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標題: Cherry-picking restaurant reservation customers
作者: 王建富
Jiana-Fu Wang
Yi-Chiun Lin
Chen-Feng Ku
Shao-Jen Wen
關鍵字: Restaurant revenue management
Spending per minute per person
Restaurant reservation
出版社: Asia Pacific Management Review
摘要: This study first identifies the mismatch between size and value when a restaurant that receives booking requests from customer parties elects to cherry-pick among the intending parties, and second proposes that SPM (average spending per person per minute) is a better indicator for evaluating any intending party's real value. The results obtained through discrete-event simulation techniques confirm that the proposed SPM policy outperforms policies based on party size and traditional first-come-first-served practices and the alternative recommendation is that focus should rest on more profitable strategies that improves SPM value rather than simply on going for size, that is, looking only for larger or smaller parties.
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