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標題: Synthetic study of Lithospermic acid and its possible role as a precursor in Salvianolic acid B synthesis
作者: Wei-Yi Li
關鍵字: 紫草酸
Lithospermic acid and Salvianolic acid B synthesis
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摘要: Salvia miltiorrhiza is a famous traditional Chinese medicinal plant, the root of this plant called Danshen[6]. It is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, relieving vexation, nourishing blood, tranquilizing the mind, cooling the blood to relieve carbuncles, clearing away heat[7-8]. However, Magnesium lithospermate B (MLB) is the main ingredient in the water-soluble extracts of danshen and it has been considered as a potential replacement of the traditional cardiac medicine for increasing cardiac contractility and as an effective free radical scavenger at the same time. For this reason, we want to study this compound as our target molecule. The MLB precursor is Salvianolic acid B (SAB) and then we divide it into two parts by retrosynthetic analysis. We try to use lithospermic acid as a synthetic template. Finally, we have successfully completed the synthesis of the derivative of lithospermic acid and Salvianolic acid B .
丹參,其根部為中國傳統長用之草藥,用以治療冠心病、腦血管疾病、肝炎、慢性腎衰竭、經痛及失眠等。自1930年丹參的化學成分已經有許多的研究,而早年的研究主要集中在疏水性化合物,像是丹參酮。而近年來的研究主要以親水性化合物為主,至少有50種以上的化合物被分離及鑑定[1-5]。 在上述研究中發現丹參酚酸B鎂鹽(Magnesium lithospermate B,MLB)為丹參中水溶性成分含量最高之物種,故由其結構及含量即可推論相較於其他丹參水溶性化學成分在藥理活性上其有較好之效果。而在結構中能夠發現紫草酸及丹參酚酸B之結構相近,故以紫草酸之核心架構作出發點著手進行。在合成進行發現由紫草酸合成作為模板來建立丹參酚酸B之結構並非一、兩步可以完成,但我們成功將中心核及側支鏈完成並將其接合,後以水解方式將其完成紫草酸及丹參酚酸B之前驅物。
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