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標題: 樹莓派結合PRTD在體溫監控系統上的應用
Utilization of the Raspberry Pi on PRTD Application in Body Temperature Monitoring System
作者: 邱柏升
Po-Sheng Chiu
關鍵字: 白金電阻溫度計
Raspberry Pi
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摘要: 一般進行溫度感測時,經常使用熱電偶來做為感測器;但熱電偶常使量測溫度常有超過0.5℃的誤差,訊號也不穩定,且又容易損壞;當感測端損壞時,必須要將整組設備重新校正,既費時且使用不方便。   材料科學的發達,使得PT-100和PT-1000的成本下降,且白金電阻溫度計(PRTD)穩定度非常高。若可縮小PRTD之校正區間,將可達到良好之量測效果,使用在體溫監控系統具有應用價值極大。   本研究係利用樹莓派(Raspberry pi 3 model B)輕便且適合撰寫程式及資料處理的優點,配合MCP3008晶片轉換PT100和PT1000的類比訊號,以達成一個體溫監控系統的雛形機設計。   根據研究結果顯示PRTD校正後之結果誤差約在0.1℃,極具有開發應用之價值;然在結合樹梅派應用之結果有較大誤差產生,仍需要再改善硬體設備才能達到良好之量測效能。
The thermocouples is used as a general temperature sensor. However, the existing shortcoming of the thermocouples made it's error be prone to more than 0.5℃.Its signal is not stable,and easily damaged.The sensing element needs be re-calibrated, so it is a time-consuming and inconvenient device. With the development of material science,the cost of PT-100 and PT-1000 sensing elements are declined, The stability of Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector(PRTD) is improved simultaneously. The narrow band of the Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (PRTD) correction interval can achieve th desried measurement result.Thus it is valuable to use in the temperature monitoring system. According to the results of the study, PRTD errors were within 0.1℃.However, the application of the Raspberry Pi had the greater error.It is necessary to improve the hardware equipment to achieve better measurement performance.
文章公開時間: 2020-08-09
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