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標題: β-型氧化鎵薄膜原子層沉積生長與其結構特性之研究
Atomic layer deposition and characterization of β-Ga2O3 films
作者: 周鉦評
Cheng-Ping Chou
關鍵字: β-型氧化鎵
Atomic Layer Deposition
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摘要: 本研究採用大氣式原子層沉積法在未退火及800℃氮氣環境下退火之緩衝層上製備β-型氧化鎵薄膜。原子層沉積磊晶技術透過以三乙基鎵(TEGa)與氧化亞氮(N2O)做為鎵及氧原子之前驅氣體在大氣壓下操作。由文獻研究發現當使用三乙基有機金屬化合物如三乙基鎵(TEGa)代替三甲基如三甲基鎵(TMGa)做為鎵的前驅物時,可顯著減少碳污染。另外由文獻比較幾種被廣泛使用作為氧的前驅物的氧化劑發現氧分子的原子間雙鍵及水蒸氣分子氫與氧原子鍵結之鍵結能都比氧化亞氮分子中的氮與氧原子鍵結之鍵結能高。因此,由幾個常見氧化劑鍵結能比較發現使用氧化亞氮作為氧原子之前驅物生長β-型氧化鎵薄膜可以在同一沉積溫度下提供更多的氧自由基。 研究結果顯示單純(-201)平面方向β-型氧化鎵薄膜可在不同成長溫度下製備於氧化鋁基板上。同時,β-型氧化鎵薄膜與氧化鋁基板之間磊晶關係可以確定為β-型氧化鎵(-201)平面與氧化鋁基板(0001)平面互為平行。另外選區繞射分析之繞射點可以利用倒晶格向量計算與平面間夾角關係定義。
In this study, the β-Ga2O3 films were deposited using ALD technique on the buffer layers without annealing and 800℃-N2-annealing. The epitaxial technique, atomic layer deposition (ALD) was employed at atmosphere pressure through using triethylgallium (TEGa) and nitrous oxide (N2O) as Ga and O precursors. It have been reported that the triethyl organometallic compounds such as triethylgallium (TEGa), when used instead of the trimethyl such as trimethylgallium (TMGa) can reduce the carbon contamination remarkably. Several common oxidizing agents have been widely employed as O precursor. It has been proposed that the binding energies of O=O and O–H bonds of oxygen and water vapor molecules, respectively, are higher than that of the O–N bond in the nitrous oxide. Thus, comparing with common oxidizing agents, the use of nitrous oxide as the oxygen source for β-Ga2O3 deposition allows to provide high overpressure of oxygen radicals at the same deposition temperature. It was found that (-201)-oriented β-Ga2O3 films can be successfully grown on c-Al2O3 substrates with different growth temperatures. Furthermore, the corresponding epitaxial relationship between β-Ga2O3 films and c-Al2O3 substrate can be concluded that the β-Ga2O3 (-201) plane and Al2O3 (0001) plane are in parallel to each other. The SAED pattern diffraction spots of β-Ga2O3 films could be precisely determined by calculating interplanar spacings and angles.
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