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標題: Zigbee 智能燈控系統
Zigbee Intelligent Light Control System
作者: 林宸逸
Chen-Yi Lin
關鍵字: Zigbee
Dimmer Light
Dimmer Light
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摘要: 目前一般燈具部份都以傳統開關來控制,很少由系統集中管理與控制且就算有也都是以有線的方式控制較多,雖Zigbee及一些RF晶片早已推出十年左右,但這十年中一直無法普及到一般家庭,但隨著智慧型手機的普及、手機APP數量,讓一些原有的傳統習慣漸漸的改變,相對引起燈具控制的發展速度,科技始終在於方便性,隨著無線通訊迅速發展,人們對於居家的生活相對有所改變,不管是保全、節能、監控、遠端控制,都已在進行全面化的整合,對於這樣的需求,本論文透過Zigbee來建置一個燈控系統,不只可進行排程的設定及調光的功能,更可結合APP及遠端控制的方式來進行調控並且可以環境需求調整亮度,進而達到節能之效果,本論文之結果可使上至辦公大樓,下至居家、前、後裝潢巿場及DIY巿場都非常的適宜。
The current part of the general lighting to control the traditional switch, rarely managed and controlled by the system and even if there are also wired to control more, although Zigbee and some RF chips have been launched for about a decade, but this decade Has been unable to spread to the general family, but with the popularity of smart phones, mobile APP number, so that some of the original traditional habits gradually change, relatively caused by the development of lighting control speed, technology is always convenient, with wireless communications Rapid development, people for home life relative to change, whether it is preservation, energy saving, monitoring, remote control, have been in a comprehensive integration, for such a demand, this paper through Zigbee to build a light control system , Can not only set the scheduling and dimming function, but also can be combined with APP and remote control to control the way and can adjust the brightness of environmental needs, and then achieve the effect of energy saving, the results of this paper can be up to the office building , Down to home, before and after the decoration market and DIY market are very appropriate.
文章公開時間: 2020-06-30
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