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標題: 一個可限定次數之雲端資料共享的機制
A Data Sharing Access Scheme with Limited Number of Times in Cloud Storage Servers
作者: 蘇旻姿
Min-Tzu Su
關鍵字: 雲端儲存
Cloud Storage
Data Sharing
Times-Limited Access
Data Privacy Protect
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摘要: 隨著大數據的時代來臨,雲端資料儲存與計算變得越來越盛行,利用雲端儲存空間分享資料的使用者也逐漸增加,生活上的便利相對的也帶來了一些安全的挑戰。有心人士可能透過上傳的檔案得知一些使用者的資訊,因此對於雲端資料共享的安全議題備受重視。本篇論文將探討近年來對於雲端資料共享的相關議題,並針對於資料共享的平台(如有需要檔案購買的需求下),資料查詢的認證方法。因應此種環境,本論文將提出一種具有限制次數授權於使用者的機制,使得在公開的雲端伺服器中共享資料,也能運用於十分重要的檔案內容。
With the advent of big data generation, cloud data storage and computing have become more and more popular. Users using cloud storage to do data sharing are increasing. However, convenient life also brings in some security challenges. Someone with evil intention might get some users’ information via uploaded files. Hence, the security of data sharing in cloud storage has gained attention recently. In this thesis, we survey the related issue of data sharing within a public cloud and propose a filing the purchase of the request in need, data query and authentication scheme. We provide an authenticated access with a limited number of times to the users. Our scheme allows users to share the confidential files in public cloud storage servers.
文章公開時間: 2019-02-07
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