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標題: 以焦點團體訪談法探究傳統市場消費者對生鮮肉品購買行為之研究
Investigating Traditional Market Consumers?Fresh Meat Purchasing Behavior by Using Focus Group Approach
作者: 廖晏瑜
Yen-Yu Liao
關鍵字: 傳統市場
Traditional Market
Focus Group Interview
Fresh Meat Product Information
Information Demand
摘要: 零售市場販售通路隨著人口日新月異的需求逐漸改變,臺灣超級市場發展愈趨精緻,然而傳統市場仍有許多改進之處,尤其傳統市場是大多數消費者食物來源的一部分。在飲食與購買習慣不同情況下,臺灣傳統市場大致可區分為早市以及黃昏市場。傳統市場組成族群可涵蓋不同世代的消費者及有不同世代的販售者,隨著日積月累的經驗下,買賣雙方早已產生一定程度的信任感。然而臺灣近年頻頻發生食品安全事件,且傳統市場整體販售環境長年下來改善有限,甚至農畜產品沒有太多產品資訊供消費者是否決定購買之依據,因此有必要進一步探討消費者對於在傳統市場的農畜產品資訊有何需求。本研究採質化研究法,透過焦點團體訪談法邀集總共22位(分兩次進行)傳統市場之常客消費者進行深度訪問與討論,所調查結果顯示傳統市場消費者仍對傳統市場肉品的購買過程中仍有安全上的疑慮,礙於每日家人都有飲食上的需求,如果傳統市場能提供更多肉品資訊,則相對地能提升對於傳統市場肉品的信任感,尤其是食用期限、食用安全因素、傳統市場環境衛生以及肉品資訊等相關因素是能提升信任感的主要因素。由此可見,傳統市場消費者對於國內食品安全問題逐漸傾向有更多產品資訊的購買行為,近年政府也極力於增強消費者對國內農畜產品的信心,本研究建議能先朝向建構食用期限等資訊作為未來肉品資訊提供的第一步。
Following the diversified demand, the retail market channels have been gradually changed. The development of supermarket in Taiwan is moving toward to higher quality; however, traditional markets still have many things needed to be improved. Especially, traditional markets in Taiwan have been part of purchasing for daily food sources. There are two types of traditional markets in Taiwan: the morning market and the evening market. Especially, people in traditional markets can be consisted of different generations of consumers and even different generations of sellers. From the long-term accumulated shopping experience at the traditional markets, buyers and sellers already have the certain level of trusted relationship. However, the food industry in Taiwan in recent years frequently encounters with food safety issues, and the environment of traditional markets in Taiwan overall has not been much improved. Even agricultural and meat products have not much information provided for consumers to decide whether to purchase or not. Therefore, it is necessary to further explore whether consumers at traditional markets have any demand of agricultural and meat product information. This study adopted the Qualitative Research Method to explore traditional market consumers’ demand. Via two times of Focus Group Interview, a total 22 regular traditional market customers were invited for in-depth interviews and discussions. The results show that traditional market consumers still have safety concerns from the meat sold at the traditional markets. Since consumers have demand for daily diet and if traditional markets can provide more meat product information, relatively, it will enhance more trust on the meat purchased. Especially the expiration date, food safety factor, environmental sanitary, and meat product information are the maind factors to enhance the trust on food. Therefore, traditional market consumers tend to adjust their purchasing behavior with more product information to ease the food safety issue. Recent years the government is also committed to enhancing consumer confidence in domestic agricultural and meat products. This study suggested to establish the expiration date information as the first step of future meat product information.
文章公開時間: 10000-01-01
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