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標題: 封裝模壓製程之參數最佳化設計
Parameter Optimization Design of Packaging Molding Process
作者: 江坤煜
Ku-Yu Chiang
關鍵字: IC封裝
IC package
compression molding process
Taguchi method
Response surface methodology
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摘要: 近年來積體電路 ( Integrated Circuit,IC ) 朝向快速、多功能、高可靠度及外型輕、薄、短小的方向發展,隨著IC元件朝向高密度、高腳數且功能要求強大之趨勢發展的同時、模壓製程技術為現今封裝技術中,具有舉足輕重的角色。 因模壓封裝( Molding ) 為目前電子封裝中主要提供電路保護的方法之一,可使 IC 晶片封裝基板或導線架完成電路連線,以發揮電子訊息傳遞的功能,關鍵模壓製程對於良率的影響是非常重要,影響此製程品質因子為射出速度(Transfer Time)、射出壓力(Transfer pressure)、合模壓力(Clamp Pressure)、模溫(Mold Temperature)、預熱時間(Preheart Time)。 本研究以田口實驗法及反應曲面法最佳化製程參數,並利用信號雜音比 ( Signal to Noise Ratio ; S/N比 ) 之分析,找出製程最佳參數。實際實驗驗證此二方法皆可達成最佳之製程參數設計,改善製程之穩健性。
In recent years, Integrated Circuits (IC) have been developed to be fast, versatile, highly reliable, light-weight, thin and short. With the trend of high density, high pin count and strong function requirements of IC devices At the same time, the molding process technology for today''s packaging technology, has a pivotal role. Molding is one of the main methods for providing circuit protection in electronic packaging currently. The circuit board can be connected to an IC chip package substrate or a lead frame to exert the functions of electronic messaging and influence of the key molding process on the yield is very important. The quality factors affecting the manufacturing process are Transfer Time, Transfer Pressure, Clamp Pressure, Mold Temperature and Preheart Time. In this study, the Taguchi experimental method and the reaction surface method were used to optimize the process parameters, and the signal to noise ratio (S / N ratio) analysis was used to find the optimal process parameters. The actual experimental verification of these two methods are the best process parameters to achieve design, improve the robustness of the process.
文章公開時間: 2019-12-01
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