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標題: 圓柱方程式
On The Cylinder Equations
作者: 劉瓊文
Chiung-Wen Liu
關鍵字: 圓柱
cylinder equations
Bessel equations
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摘要: 令 u(x) = ϕ(|x|) 滿足 ∆ρu(x) := Du(x)−ρu(x)=0, ρ>0 , 則 ϕ(r) 滿足Bessel方程式 (0.1) ϕ''(r)+ϕ''(r)/r−ρϕ(r)=0, if x ∈ R^2 or (0.2) ϕ''(r)+(n−1/r)ϕ''(r)−ρϕ(r)=0, if x ∈ R^n ,for n≥ 3. 在本論文中''我們計劃去找微分方程 (0.1) 和 (0.2) 的解。
Let u(x) = ϕ(|x|) satisfy ∆ρu(x) := Du(x) − ρu(x) = 0, where ρ > 0. Then ϕ(r) satisfies the Bessel equation (0.1) ϕ''(r)+ϕ''(r)/r−ρϕ(r)=0, if x ∈ R^2 or (0.2) ϕ''(r)+(n−1/r)ϕ''(r)−ρϕ(r)=0, if x ∈ R^n ,for n≥ 3. In this thesis, we intend to solve the solutions of (0.1) and (0.2) with n = 3.
文章公開時間: 2018-08-24
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