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標題: Mechanical Parameter Study of Tied-Back Retaining Pile Stabilization Method for Cut Slopes of Forest Roads in Mountain Areas
作者: Der-Guay Lin
Sheng-Hsien Wang
Kuo-Chin Chang
Wei-Hsiang Chen
關鍵字: Three-dimensional (3-D) finite element analyses
Tied-back retaining pile
Anchorage length
Factor safety of slope stability
摘要: This study performed a series of three-dimensional (3-D) finite element analyses to investigate the stabilization mechanism of the tied-back retaining pile installed at the Yi-Zhuan-No.1 Landslide. Meanwhile, a homogeneous slope of colluviums and heterogeneous slope of colluviums with bedrock underneath, were established to perform a systematic numerical experiment on various design parameters of the tie-back retaining pile. In numerical experiments, the design parameters consist of the anchorage length (Lg), inclination () and the spacing ratio (S/D =pile spacing/pile diameter) of retaining pile. According to the numerical experiments, the FS value of a heterogeneous slope is always higher than that of a homogeneous slope and this demonstrates the importance of penetrating the retaining pile into the bedrock (bearing stratum) in the design. Moreover, the FS value greatly decreases as the installation spacing S value surpasses 8D (S  8D) and this indicates that the arching effect between two adjacent piles immediately disappears when the spacing of piles is larger than 8 times of pile diameter. In addition, the FS value of homogeneous slope is greatly promoted when the anchorage length Lg increase from 5 to 7 m while it is not the case for heterogeneous slope the increase is very rare. However, the FS values of the two types of fictitious slopes, become unchanged and tend to a constant when the Lg value increases from 7 to 10 m.
本研究針對宜專一線公路地滑區與背拉式地錨擋土排樁之監測結果,進行三維有限元素數值分析。 同時,設置崩積層-均質邊坡及崩積層/岩層-異質邊坡,進行排樁及地錨參數研究。在數值模型中,選用地錨錨 碇段長度 Lg 及傾角θ,以及排樁打設間距比 S/D 等參數,探討其對邊坡穩定性及排樁結構力學行為之影響。 依據分析成果,排樁在崩積層/岩層-異質邊坡之穩定性安全係數 FS,皆高於崩積層-均質邊坡者,此說明排樁 樁尖貫入承載層之重要性。當排樁打設間距比 S/D=6 至 8 時,FS 幾無變化;但當 S/D=8 至 10 時,FS 會明顯 降低。此乃由於排樁打設間距超過 8 倍樁徑後,排樁間之土拱效應消失所致。再者,當地錨之錨碇段長度為 5 至 7 m 時,崩積層-均質邊坡之 FS 明顯上升,而崩積層/岩層-異質邊坡之 FS 則微幅提升;而錨碇段長度為 7 至 10 m 時,兩者之 FS 皆趨於定值。
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