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標題: Topographic Characteristic Analysis of Landslides in Kaoping River Watershed
作者: Chun-Yi Wu
Chiao-Wen Tsai
Su-Chin Chen
關鍵字: topographic characteristic of landslides
landslide ratio
Kaoping River Watershed
摘要: An analysis method for landslide topographic characteristic, considering the factors such as landslide size, average slope, location and geologic condition, was used to draw landslide scale and slope statistical chart. The landslides caused by the typhoons in 2008 and 2009 in Kaoping River Watershed were investigated and then analyzed. The landslide ratios were 1.36% and 7.92% in slate area in 2008 and 2009, respectively. The highest degree of increase in landslide ratio showed the landslide probability in slate area rose obviously because of the heavy rainfall during Typhoon Morakot. The analysis results of landslide topographic characteristic showed landslide average slopes were lowest, 39.8˚ and 34.8˚ in 2008 and 2009, and the probability of the whole slope landslides was highest in hard sandstone and shale area. Additionally, the landslide average slopes were highest, 46.8˚ and 41.2˚ in 2008 and 2009 in Tananao schis area, and there was no whole slope landslide in 2008 and 2009 in quartzose sandstone area and Tananao schis Area.
本研究考量崩塌地規模、平均坡度、發生區位及地質條件等因子,提出一套分析崩塌地地形特徵之 方法,藉此建立崩塌規模與坡度統計圖,並以高屏溪流域 2008 年及 2009 年之颱風事件所引發上游崩塌災害 案例進行分析。板岩區在 2008 年與 2009 年之崩塌比分別為 1.36%及 7.92%,提高程度最高,顯示莫拉克颱風 強降雨誘發下板岩區崩塌機率明顯增加。由崩塌地之地形特徵分析成果顯示:堅硬砂岩與頁岩區之崩塌地平 均坡度最低,2008 年與 2009 年分別為 39.8˚及 34.8˚,最容易出現全坡面崩塌情形;大南澳片岩區之崩塌地平 均坡度最高,2008 年與 2009 年分別為 46.8˚及 41.2˚;石英砂岩區、大南澳片岩區 2008 年與 2009 年皆未產生 全坡面崩塌情形。
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