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標題: An Investigation on Frequency of Sports Injuries of the Swimmers in National High School Athletic Games
作者: Hsin-Hung Chiang
Chien-Ju Lin
Shun-Hsiung Chung
Hsuan Lin
關鍵字: National High School Athletic Games
Sports Injuries
摘要: The purpose of this study was to investigate the frequency of sports injuries and related factors of the swimmers participating in the National High School Athletic Games. A total of 543 swimmers participated in the 2018 National High School Athletic Games were chosen to be the subjects of the study. The research method was Questionnaire Survey. The Results were (1) The average frequency of training in water was 8.61 times a week, with the average of 135.65 minutes training time in water﹔ the average number of training on land was 2.83 times a week﹔ the average training time on land was 71.36 minutes. (2) The swimmers of freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly styles often suffer from shoulder injuries﹔ the breaststroke swimmers suffer from the highest proportion of knee joints injuries. The Conclusions (1) The training frequency and times should be in accordance with the regulations for the training of the sports teams of provided the Ministry of Education. (2) The training intensity is necessary to follow every swimmer's personal tolerance level, and increased step by step, in order to avoid sports injuries and early termination of sporting career.
研究目的為調查參與全國中等學校運動會游泳選手運動傷害發生頻率,研究對象 為參與 107 年全國中等學校運動會之游泳選手共 543 位。研究方法採用問卷調查法。研 究結果:一、每週水中訓練次數平均為 8.61 次;每次水中訓練時間平均為 135.65 分鐘; 每週陸上訓練次數平均為 2.83 次;每次陸上訓練時間平均為 71.36 分鐘。二、蝶式、仰 式及自由式專項的選手較常出現運動傷害在肩部;而蛙式專項的選手受傷部位以膝關節 占的比例最高。研究結論:一、運動訓練時間應符合教育部體育班高級中等以下學校運 動代表隊訓練注意事項之規定,以避免游泳選手運動傷害。二、在專項訓練的強度中, 必須循序漸進依照個人可承受之訓練強度作為訓練依據,避免運動傷害發生後,提早結 束游泳運動生命。
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