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標題: 淡水與海水恆河稻田魚 (Oryzias dancena) 肝臟在低溫環境中粒線體生源情況受粒線體動態平衡改變之影響
Effects of changes in mitochondrial dynamics on mitochondrial biogenesis in livers of freshwater- and seawater-acclimated Indian medaka (Oryzias dancena) upon hypothermal challenge
作者: 陳雨鑫
Yu-Hsin Chen
關鍵字: 恆河稻田魚
low temperature
mitochondrial biogenesis
mitochondrial dynamics
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摘要: 溫度是重要的非生物性影響因子,會調節生物體內各層面的機能。當生物體面臨低溫環境時,對於能量的需求會發生改變。粒線體是一動態胞器,且為細胞主要的能量來源。當生物體受到刺激時,粒線體可藉由動態平衡或生源來增加魚隻面臨生理變化時所需的能量。因此,本論文將探討淡水與海水馴養的恆河稻田魚 (Oryzias dancena) 在面臨低溫刺激時,對魚隻肝臟粒線體的動態平衡與生源情況之影響。在粒線體動態平衡實驗中發現,在淡水組15 °C低溫刺激下Dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp-1) 蛋白在第七天時會有顯著性的下降,而海水組無論是18 °C或15 °C低溫刺激Drp-1蛋白都在2小時有顯著性的增加,並在12小時之後回復至正常水平;而粒線體DNA (mtDNA) 與Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel 1 (VDAC1) 在四組條件下都沒有顯著性變化,表示粒線體分裂速度發生變化,但是含量未發生改變。在低溫對cytochrome c oxidase (COX) 蛋白表現之影響實驗中可以發現,淡水組18 °C 或15 °C低溫刺激都不影響COX1蛋白含量;海水組18 °C則在2小時會有顯著下降,並於12小時回復至正常水平,而海水組15 °C在24小時後顯著下降。同時,COX4蛋白質表現量在四組條件下都有增加,因此發現COX的次單元 (COX1與COX4) 在面臨低溫時會有不一致的表現情形。此外,citrate synthase (CS) 蛋白表現在淡水組18 °C低溫刺激下無顯著性變化,而淡水組15 °C以及海水18 °C組與15 °C組的表現皆有增加。綜合以上結果,淡水組與海水組恆河稻田魚在面臨低溫時,淡水組可能藉由減少粒線體分裂並增加基質中的CS蛋白質含量來供應魚隻面臨15 °C低溫時所需的能量;海水組則可能在一開始接觸低溫時發生粒線體的分裂現象造成粒線體生源反應較為緩慢。
Environmental temperature is a major abiotic factor that affects different modulations in many aspects of the organisms. When facing low temperature, energy requirement for compensation was needed. Mitochondria is a well-known energy support organelle in the cell, and its morphological dynamic constantly changes. The status of mitochondria is modulated by the dynamic of morphological changes when cell is under stimulation. Changes in mitochondrial morphology and biogenesis can increase the energy supply for physiological changes in fish. In this study, it was hypothesized that different low-temperatures induced changes in mitochondrial dynamics and biogenesis in livers of freshwater (FW)- and seawater (SW)-acclimated Indian medaka (Oryzias dancena). In the results of investigating mitochondrial dynamics, Dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp-1) protein significantly decreased at 7th day in FW group at 15 °C, while increased at 2nd hour and restored to originally normal level at 12th hour in the SW group at 18 °C and 15 °C. The results of mtDNA contents together with the voltage-dependent anion-selective channel 1 (VDAC1) expressions that were not affected in all conditions revealed that mitochondria might change its dynamic but not the content. Low temperature resulted in different patterns of cytochrome c oxidase (COX) subunit expression. COX 1 was not affected in the FW group at 18°C and 15°C, while the SW group increased COX1 expression at the 2nd hour, restored to originally normal level at 12th hour at 18 °C, and decreased at 24th hour at 15 °C. However, COX4 protein abundance increased in the all conditions. The expressions of citrate synthase (CS) were significantly increased except that in the FW group at 18 °C. In summary, when facing low temperature, in the FW group, mitochondrial fragmentation was reduced and increased the expression of CS in the matrix to supply energy at 15 °C. In the SW group, however, fragmentation of mitochondria might delay the occurrence of mitochondrial biogenesis.
文章公開時間: 2021-08-14
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