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標題: 磁動式敲擊機構蛋殼裂痕檢測之研究
Study on Detection of Eggshell Cracks by Magnetically Actuated Percussion Mechanism
作者: 陳俊樺
Jyun-Hua Chen
關鍵字: 共振檢測法
Resonant Inspection
Magnetically actuated percussion mechanism
Cracks of eggshells
Sound isolation implement
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摘要: 蛋殼裂痕不僅影響鮮蛋的保存時間,也會降低後製加工的成功率,為了能準確挑出裂痕蛋,本研究以共振檢測法原理為基礎,使用麥克風作為感測器,依據前人研究成果規劃檢測點數,設計出仿造人手敲擊效果的磁動式敲擊機構,並利用鋁圓柱及矽膠隔音罩以避免麥克風收音時受外界干擾,依本研究室所開發的簡易雛型機做裂痕檢測,在隔音測試實驗中得知,鋁圓柱隨著外徑厚度的增加及內徑收音孔的縮小,隔音效果能明顯提升。在動態測試實驗中,每顆蛋敲擊8個檢測點,其中完整蛋特徵頻率皆落在4000~5415 Hz,且振幅介於0.12~1.9 V;裂痕蛋則訊號雜亂,無明顯特徵峰值,且振幅大多低於0.09 V,僅少數距離裂痕最遠處的檢測點之敲擊訊號可能誤判為完整蛋,其特徵頻率位於4220~5470 Hz,振幅0.1~0.2 V,,但若以每顆蛋8個檢測點其中1個檢測點於頻率範圍4000~5500 Hz間,振幅最大值低於0.12 V即判斷為裂痕蛋,則挑選準確率為100%。期望本研究之成果能幫助禽蛋加工業者加快篩選裂痕蛋的速度,並提升業者加工成品的成功率。
Cracks of eggshells will not only affect the preservation time of fresh eggs, but also reduce the success rate of post-processing. In order to accurately pick out cracked eggs, this study based on the theory of resonance inspection, and used the microphones as sensors. According to previous research planned inspection points and designed a magnetically actuated percussion mechanism that emulated the percussion effect of human hands. Aluminum cylinders and silicone sound isolation implement were used to prevent microphones to receive external interference. Using prototype machine developed by the laboratory to detected cracks, in the sound isolation experiment, it was known that with the increase in the thickness of the outer diameter of the aluminum cylinder and the reduction of the inner diameter sound hole, the sound isolation effect could be significantly improved. In the dynamic experiment, each egg het eight detection points, in which the non-cracked egg's characteristic frequency fell in the range of 4000 to 5415 Hz and the amplitude is in the range of 0.12 to 1.9 V. The cracked egg had disorderly signal without characteristic peak. Most of the amplitudes were lower than 0.09 V. Only few detection points which were farthest from the crack might be judged as non-cracked eggs. The characteristic frequency was between 4220 and 5470 Hz, and the amplitude ranged 0.1 to 0.2 V. However, if the maximum amplitude of one detection point in the frequency range of 4000 to 5500 Hz was less than 0.12 V determined as a cracked egg, and the selection accuracy rate is 100% It hopes that the results of this study will assist the poultry egg processing industry to speed up the screening of cracked eggs and improve the success rate of the processing by the industry.
文章公開時間: 2021-08-23
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