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標題: 修復顯微拉曼光譜儀與翡翠之拉曼光譜研究
Repairing Micro Raman Spectrometer and Raman Spectroscopic Study of Jade
作者: 吳俊諺
Chun-Yen Wu
關鍵字: 拉曼
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摘要: 此實驗為修復顯微拉曼光譜儀,我們更換光路中氧化嚴重的反射鏡並重新製作新的Notch Filter鏡座,修復後測量矽的瑞利散射與拉曼散射的訊號比,其強度比為12:1。我們解決了光譜儀在兼顧解析度與靈敏度情況下,可分辨硬玉在950cm-1至1050cm-1間的兩條譜線,可用於與綠輝石的鑑別。我們也利用532nm拉曼光譜儀分析翡翠樣品是否含有膠質類成份。785nm雷射照射在綠色翡翠樣品下會產生強烈的螢光,不適合用於翡翠的鑑定,而人工綠色染料不會有螢光的現象,可藉由此特性辨別綠色翡翠樣品是否染色。
This work is to repair broken micro raman spectrometer and to investigate the types of Jade by Raman spectra. We replaced the heavily oxidized mirrors in the optical path and re-created a new Notch Filter lens holder. After repairing, we measure the signal intensity ratio of Rayleigh scattering to Raman scattering of silicon. The ratio is 12:1. Under repaired spectrometers having high resolution and sensitivity, we can distinguish the two lines of jadeite jade between 950 cm-1and 1050 cm-1which can be used to judge the quality of omphacite jade. At 785nm wavelength irradiation, we observe strong fluorescence from green jade sample, so this light wavelength is not suitable for use of identification of jadeite. However, the artificial green dye would not generate the fluorescence at same irradiation wavelength, which can be used to judge whether the green jade sample is dyed or not.
文章公開時間: 2021-08-06
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