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標題: 3D列印應用於智慧醫療之關鍵因素探討
A Study of Critical Factors of 3D Printing Applied to Smart Medical Care
作者: 林芮稼
Jui-Chia Lin
關鍵字: 3D列印
3D Printing
Smart Medical Care
Smart Healthcare
Literature Analysis Methods
Document Analysis
Case Study Method
PEST Analysis
Key Factors
摘要: 全球高齡化與經濟問題逐漸形成政府與人民沉重的負擔,有鑒於此,採用新興行業3D列印技術用於智慧醫療之設施,帶來了重要的醫療品質與產業發展機會。本研究旨在探討3D列印應用於智慧醫療之關鍵因素。為了達成此一目的,本研究採用文獻分析方法、個案研究方法及PEST模型分析推導出關鍵因素結論與建議。 首先探討智慧醫療發展現況、醫材市場概況、發展趨勢、挑戰與限制及3D列印技術應用之間的交互作用關係,接著綜合分析四個個案之意涵後提出個案研究之結果。最後,透過PEST分析3D列印對整體大環境的影響與效益,並提出3D列印應用於智慧醫療之關鍵因素。 本文的結論與建議為:國家應以產官學研醫合作機制作為產業發展之動力與創新體系,同時利用3D列印之優勢與特性,結合產業界的製造經驗與科技應用,加速產品的研發、振興經濟、改善勞工缺工問題與增加就業機會,以提升台灣的國際市場競爭力。
Global aging and economic issues have become a heavy burden on the government and its people. In view of this, the application of new 3D printing technology in smart healthcare facilities will bring important development opportunities to the healthcare quality and the industry as a whole. This study uses documentary researches, case studies and PEST model analysis to find the key factors, conclusions and recommendations. Firstly, it explores the interactive relationship of the 3D technology application, current status of smart healthcare development, medical market condition, development trends, challenges and limitations. It then analyses the connotation of 4 cases and presents the results of the case studies. Finally, the effects and benefits 3D technology will bring to the overall environment from the PEST analysis. And the key factors in the application of 3D technology in smart healthcare. This paper concludes and recommends the government to use the cooperation mechanism of the relevant industries, authorities, academies, R&D and professions as the driving force and creative system. Along with the superior advantages of 3D printing, and the manufacturing experience & technological application of the industry we can speed up product R&D, rejuvenate the economy, solve the problem of labor-shortage and increase employment opportunity so as to improve the competitiveness of Taiwan in the international market.
文章公開時間: 10000-01-01
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