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標題: 中部地區青年農民的農業認同感與農業經營自我效能之研究
Research on Agricultural Identity and Self-Efficiency of Agribusiness Management among Youth Farmers in Central Taiwan
作者: 謝雅琦
Ya-Chi Hsieh
關鍵字: 青年農民
Youth Farmers
Agricultural Identity
Self-Efficiency of Agribusiness Management
摘要: 本研究旨在探討臺灣中部地區青年農民的農業認同感及農業經營自我效能,以瞭解目前青農對整體農業的看法,以及獲知青農對自身所持營農效能的檢視結果現況。研究對象選定為居住且經營地點在中部地區的18歲至45歲之青年農民,問卷採用紙本問卷及運用網路工具Google表單設計線上問卷,調查時採用便利隨機抽樣及滾雪球抽樣之問卷施測方式蒐集資料,回收有效問卷共263份。研究工具係參考相關文獻及經由專家效度檢證編製而成的問卷為主,涵蓋青年農民特性的基本資料題項,以及農業認同感與農業經營自我效能等二個分量表,各量表信度Cronbach'sα值分別0.844、0.888,而總量表之Cronbach'sα值達 0.917,可見各量表題組與總量表之內部一致性均佳,信度良好。 研究結果指出,中部地區青農具有正向的農業認同感與中上程度之農業經營自我效能。針對不同特性的青年農民,進行農業認同感與農業經營自我效能之差異檢定情形探討後,結果發現青農特性在農業認同感與農業經營自我效能具部份顯著差異,而研究結果也發現,青年農民的農業認同感與農業經營自我效能關係間呈顯著正向相關。根據文獻及問卷調查分析探討所得並綜整研究結果,本研究在此建議: 一、農業相關單位應重視農家子弟農業傳承的信念,持續強化農業認同感,農業教育更應向下扎根。 二、對於農業相關單位推動農業政策時,衡諸農業經營自我效能之特殊性,輔導對象年齡限制上應可提高。 三、政策應更重視農業勞動力之缺乏及農地銀行使用之情況,輔以青農的正向農業經營自我效能,強化營農效益。 四、可賦予青年農民新的農業要務,例如:擔任食農教育之社區講師,挹注農業認同感的正向提升。 五、農業相關單位為有效提升農業經營自我效能,應重視地區性青年農民聯誼會,給予實質組織權益。
This study aims to explore the agricultural identity and self-efficiency of agribusiness management of youth farmers in central Taiwan. The research subjects consist of 263 youth farmers aged from 18 to 45 years old, recruited by snowball and convenient sampling strategies. The research questionnaire is developed upon a review of relevant literature and further validated by experts to ensure its content validity. The reliability of two measures related to agricultural identity and self-efficiency of agribusiness management achieves Cronbach alpha values of 0.844 and 0.888, respectively. The Cronbach α value of whole questionnaire reaches 0.917, implying the internal consistency is good. The results of this study show that the youth farmers in central Taiwan have a positive agricultural identity and up to the upper-middle level of self-efficiency concerning agribusiness management. Data analyses also reveal some significant variances in youth farmers' agricultural identity and self-efficiency of agribusiness management by their different personal characteristics. Research findings also confirm a significant positive correlation between youth farmers' agriculture identity and their self-efficiency of agribusiness management. Here summarizes the following recommendations for improving youth farmers' engagement in agriculture based on the study conclusion: 1. It is necessary for agricultural authorities to pay more attention to enhancing succession beliefs of the rural youths in particular farmers' next generations to continue reinforce their agricultural identity; also agricultural education should continue to deep at the younger level of schooling. 2. When promoting agricultural policies related to youth farmers, one expectation is to ease the age limit for the extension consultation and resource support, taking into conisderation of speciality of self-efficacy of agribusiness management. 3. The agricultural policy should pay more attention to the shortage of agricultural labor force and problem of using farmland banks, corresponding to youth farmers' self-efficiency of agribusiness management and in tuen affecting their farming efficiency. 4. Enable youth farmers to become or serve as the lecturers of agri-food edcuation in their local communities so that it can help positive development of their agricultural identity. 5. It is essential for agricultural authorities to empower youth farmers' clubs of all levels with more substantive support for their organizational development; thus, youth farmers' self-efficacy of agribusiness management shall likely become better to a greater extent.
文章公開時間: 2018-08-22
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