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標題: 探討企業人士對於恆毅力與情緒控制的職場應用
An investigation of the application of grit and emotion regulation among entrepreneurs
作者: 鍾茵
Yin Chung
關鍵字: 恆毅力
emotion regulation
industrial employees
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摘要: 本研究旨在瞭解中興EMBA班學生運用透過參與運動所培養的恆毅力與情緒控制,來創造更多的能力來管理工作與生活,進而提升在職場上的成就。本研究採用質性研究的半結構式深度訪談,以個案研究作為研究策略,將研究參與者設定為曾為或現為國立中興大學EMBA班學生,以正式訪談五名研究參與者,蒐集其藉由運動養成之恆毅力與情緒控制管理職場任務的方法進行彙整、分析、歸納,分為熱情、毅力、情緒管理、成長思維及發展模式等五大構面做討論。 本研究發現:企業人士對於運動的熱愛不衰退以及不斷的設立階段性運動目標,融入至生活成為不可缺少的例行公事,藉由運動向自我提出挑戰使之跨出舒適圈並發覺自身獨特性。而縱使面對運動傷害或是因事中斷運動,企業人士依然積極面對並解決問題,保持正面樂觀心境。經歷了運動傷害導致運動中斷之後,企業人士愈加體會運動對於情緒控制的幫助,藉由運動能大為舒緩平時的工作壓力和焦躁感、提振精神以及開闊心胸,運動夥伴會相互傳遞自身正向的能量。歷經身心上的運動挑戰,幫助毅力的建立,回到工作上這些特質也會發揮出來。最後是以領導者自身參與運動,進而影響他人並產生創新的領導思維。 本研究提供公司領導人管理上的策略,由於運動參與本身即是要去克服身體上的挑戰,因此也就造就了人們淬鍊自我的機會。當企業人士與員工的身體、心智、情緒各層面都很強壯,而且能夠藉由運動迅速復原,他們就會更有熱情,而且表現得更好、績效維持得更久。
The aim of this study was to understand how the students of Executive Master Of Business Administration (EMBA) of National Chung Hsing University make use of grit and emotion regulation that nurture from sport participation, to create more capacities to manage tasks in work and lives, thereby promoting accomplishment in the career. Also, the study came out with methods that will improve the relationships between management level and its' subordinates or colleagues, and proposed how to create the culture and atmosphere of grit in an organization. A qualitative semi-structured in depth interview was used, and choosing case study as study strategy. The five subjects, whom graduated from or currently enrolled in EMBA of National Chung Hsing University, were formally interviewed and the evidence that they use what they nurture from sports participation to manage tasks in work, were collected, analysed and induced. Five major factors, namely passion, grit, emotion regulation, growth mindset, and development pattern, were discussed. The findings of this study are as follow: Entrepreneurs constantly and keep setting up staged exercise goals will make sports an indispensable life part; and by way of sports, challenging themselves to be out of the comfort zones and discovered their uniqueness. Even though facing exercise injures or exercise interruption, entrepreneurs will always stay positive when confront difficulties. When an exercise injure leading to interruption of sports, entrepreneurs will learn more about the great assist that sport do to emotion regulation and greatly reduce the work pressure, anxiety, to boost the spirit, and be open-minded through sport participation. Apparently, it seemed that exercise partners will pass on positive energy to each other. Experiencing the challenge that sport put on your body and mind is also good for building of perseverance and display them back in work. Lastly, management leaders should lead up in sport participation, thereby bringing influence to others and generating innovative perspectives in leadership. This study provides corporate leaders with strategies in management. Owing to the fact that sport participation is to overcome physical challenges, therefore, it renders opportunities for people to train themselves. When entrepreneurs and subordinates feel robust and resilient physically, mentally, and emotionally, they perform better, with more passion, for longer.
文章公開時間: 2018-08-29
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