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標題: 磨床磨盤動平衡校正機制的振動訊號分析與影響係數演算法研究
Vibration Signal Analysis and Influence Coefficient Algorithm on Dynamic Balance Correction Mechanism for Grinding Disc
作者: 王川井
Chuan-Jing Wang
關鍵字: 動平衡
Dynamic balancing
Influence coefficient method
counter-balance piece
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摘要: 本研究運用影響係數法,針對磨盤配有三塊平衡塊的磨床砂輪裝置,透過量測磨床的振動訊號,計算推估磨床的不平衡量大小及角度位置,並依據平衡機制計算出平衡塊的擺放位置來抵銷不平衡量。本研究在影響係數法計算不平衡量的質量與角度後,亦運用逼近的演算法,針對微小的誤差量,以近似方法,進一步進行平衡校正。實驗中使用加速規以及光電開關量測磨床振動量與轉速值,並運用經驗模態分解法進行訊號處理以提取關鍵訊號分量,低成本的裝置即可應用於旋轉機械產業不平衡量校正技術。
The influence coefficient method is used to correct the unbalance of grinding machine which consists of three blocks for balancing. The quantity and angular position of unbalance are estimated through the measurement and analysis of the vibration signals of grinding disc. According to the calculation result of influence coefficient method, the angular positions of the balancing blocks are determined for correcting the unbalance of grinding disc. An approximation algorithm is used in this study for further balance tuning to accommodate the small deviations. The accelerometer and photoelectric switch are used to measure the vibration acceleration and the rotating speed of the grinder disc. The empirical mode decomposition method is applied for signal processing to extract the significant signal components. Such low-cost devices are suitable for the techniques of unbalance correction in the industry.
文章公開時間: 2021-10-17
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