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標題: Analysis of Land Use Capability for Slopelands – A Case Study of Nantou County
作者: Hsieh, I. J.
Chan, H. C.
Lee, M. J.
Zhang, Y. T
關鍵字: The Classification Standard of Land Use Capability for Slopelands
Slopeland Conservation and Utilization Act
Territory conservation
摘要: After the Slope Land Conservation and Utilization Act announced in 1976, there were more than 980,000 ha of slopelands in Taiwan. For sustainable utilization of agrarian resource, the Soil and Water Conservation bureau (SWCB) used land classification to restrain land use. The classification of land use capability for slopelands becomes one of the main tasks of SWCB. The classification based on 「the Classification Standard of Land Use Capability for Slopeland」.The lands were classified as agriculture land, farming land, forestry, or intensive care land. It is based on the criteria of averaged slope, soil depth, degree of soil erosion, and property of parent rock.In this study, the slope and soil depth of slopelands were analyzed using Arc GIS, Wingrid, and SPSS software. Moreover, 5% of analyzed slopelands were selected and site investigations were performed to check the results of classification. A total of 1,860 Slopelands, located in the Zhongliao, Renai, and Shueili township, are classified in this study, of which 848 are suitable for agriculture or farming, 764 are suitable for forestry, 6 are classified as requiring enhanced preservation , 224 are out of the land of classification, and 18 are not announced.
臺灣地區現已公告之山坡地範圍(山坡地保育利用條例)達 98 萬多公頃;為維護國土保安, 並於山坡地進行合理農業開發行為,水土保持局歷年來致力於查定作業並辦理土地使用查定事 宜;完成查定之成果作為地政機關辦理使用地類別編定之依據,以達成山坡地合理的土地利 用,進而落實國土保育;本研究根據「山坡地保育利用條例」,進行南投縣山坡地土地可利用 限度查定工作,依循「山坡地土地可利用限度查定分類標準」,將未查定之山坡地依照其坡度、 土壤有效深度、土壤沖蝕程度與母岩性質四大因子等級,分別編定為宜農牧地、宜林地或加強 保育地;本研究採用地理資訊系統 Arc GIS、Wingrid 等套裝軟體配合 SPSS 統計軟體,針對逐 筆土地進行坡度、土壤有效深度兩大指標分析工作,最後以實際查定筆數中抽樣 5%進行現場 勘查以修正其分類結果,完成查定之南投縣中寮、仁愛及水里鄉範圍內土地共 1,860 處,查定 分類結果中,查為宜農牧地的土地有 848 筆、宜林地 764 筆、加強保育地 6 筆、不屬查定範圍 224 筆及 18 筆不予公告。
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