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標題: Erosion simulation of a small-scale rainfall simulator experiment- application of Hairsine-Rose model
小尺度人工降雨試驗侵蝕量模擬研究-Hairsine-Rose 模式應用
作者: Chun-Chen Lai
Yung-Chieh Wang
關鍵字: Soil erosion
Hairsine-Rose equation
System Dynamics
Rainfall simulation experiment
Hairsine-Rose 沖蝕方程式
摘要: The main purpose of this study is to establish a model of hillslope soil erosion based on Hairsine-Rose erosion equation, using the System Dynamics software, Stella. We applied the time-varied soil loss data from a small-scale rainfall simulator experiment to calibrate and verify the constructed model. For model calibration, the parameters were either obtained directly by laboratory experiments or by taking references to previous studies that focus on the application of Harisine-Rose equation. Comparing the simulated soil erosion quantity with the collected soil erosion data, we found good agreement between the simulated and collected data in the cases of steep slope erosion experiment, but a larger gap between the simulated and collected data for mild slope cases. Sensitivity analysis carried out for the parameters including J, F, threshold of stream power, detachability of the original soil, and detachability of the deposited layer, can indicate the degree of parameter effects on soil erosion quantity for the cases of different slopes. The influential parameters of all the slopes are found as J and F.
本研究主要參考的土壤沖蝕理論為 Hairsine-Rose 沖蝕方程式,並根據系統動力學概念以 Stella 軟體建立土壤侵蝕模式,以小尺度人工降雨模擬試驗的資料進行率定和驗證,相關參數由 試驗直接取得或參考前人應用 Hairsine-Rose 侵蝕方程式研究之文獻值。將模式所計算出之土壤 沖蝕量與試驗收集的土壤沖蝕量進行比較,發現在高坡度下擬合的結果較為理想,至於低坡度時 則會有較大的誤差發生。再對參數 J (土壤基質對抗逕流對土壤產生捲起之能力)、F (超過門檻值 之河川功率實際對土壤造成捲起和再捲起的比率)、河川功率之門檻值和原始表土之離散能力及 沉積層之離散能力進行敏感度分析,可以得到各坡度之主要影響土壤沖蝕量的參數,在各坡度都 有一定影響力的參數為 J 和 F。
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