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標題: River Scouring and Deposition Variation Used to Plan and Design for River Engineering Structures
作者: Ming-hsi Lee
Feng-hao Kuo
Yi-wen Liao
Kuang-jung Tsai
關鍵字: Characteristic diagram of river scouring and deposition
scenario simulation
engineering planning and design
摘要: The Da-Bu dam and Da-Bang dam, located upstream of Zengwun Reservoir, were selected as study areas. Application of the Hydrologic Engineering Center’s River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) to simulate river scouring deposition behavior was combined with with-dam and without-dam scenarios with different settings for sediment particles and runoff. The results were used to discuss possible applications of river scouring deposition characteristics for the planning and design of river engineering structures. Characteristic diagrams of scouring deposition depths were proposed based on simulated results for multiple intermediate diameters (d50) and various runoffs of recurrence periods, which can be used as a tool to investigate the sediment scouring deposition behaviors of river sections. The results indicated that these diagrams not only responded to sediment scouring deposition properties in multiple scenarios but also provided a tool for determining optimal locations for engineering structures and dimensions for disaster prevention. In addition, the diagrams were able to respond to variations in river scouring deposition caused by dam construction and thus could serve as a reference for the planning and design of disaster-preventive structures.
本研究以曾文水庫集水區上游大埔壩河段及達邦壩河段為分析區域,設定不同重現期距流量及輸 砂粒徑,應用 HEC-RAS 進行無設置壩及有設置壩境況下之沖淤特性演算,探討河道沖淤特性對工程構造物 於整體規劃工程佈置上及設計尺寸上之可能應用情形。 根據模擬結果提出不同中值粒徑及不同重現期距流量下之沖淤深度特徵圖,能反應不同河段之土砂沖淤 特性,瞭解壩體設置前後所產生之沖淤特性變異,更可應用於工程佈設及河床保護工程設計尺寸之參考。
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