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標題: 國小校長專業發展實驗課程之探究:蘇格拉底對話法之應用
A Study of Professional Development Experimental Courses for Primary School Principals: Application of Socratic Dialogue
作者: 林信志
Hsin-Chih Lin
Lan-Fang Liu
Chi-Chun Hung
關鍵字: 校長專業發展
professional development
school principal
the Socratic dialogue
摘要: 本研究以蘇格拉底對話法做為校長專業發展實驗課程,其執行步驟主要程序為導入主題、選擇案例、分析案例、回溯抽象。研究主要目的係了解蘇格拉底對話法運用於校長專業發展課程之優缺點及可行性。研究對象為六位資深的國小在職校長,研究資料蒐集包含蘇格拉底對話觀察表、蘇格拉底對話心得回饋表及對話過程詳實紀錄逐字稿。研究發現蘇格拉底對話法實驗課程:一、能強化校長反思教育議題。二、能協助校長釐清複雜抽象的教育議題。三、適合在職校長的進階研習。四、可能受限於參與人數與時間。
In this research, the Socratic Dialogue method is applied to principal professional development courses. The research subjects are six senior primary school principals, and the research data are collected from observation sheet, experience feedback, and verbatim text. In brief, the main findings are as follows: 1. The experimental course can really strengthen the principals' reflective skills in educational issues. 2. The experimental course does help the principals to clarify complex and abstract educational topics. 3. The experimental course is ideal for principals' advanced learning. 4. The possible limitations of the experimental course are the number of participants and the time.
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