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標題: 補習班教師證照制度之調查研究:補習班管理者之觀點
A Study of Cram School Teacher License System: Viewpoints of Cram School Managers
作者: 林信志
Hsin-Chih Lin
Kai-Wei Hsu
關鍵字: 補習班
cram school
teaching license system
shadow education
摘要: 立法院於2017年三讀通過「補習及進修教育法第九條修正案」,落實補習班教師「實名制」制度,但直言之,「實名制」的入法僅是消極治標型的政策作為。再者,雖然過去研究已指出九成以上民眾贊成「修法規定招收中小學生的補習班教師,應持有補習班教師證書」,但仍缺乏制度改變後影響最大的業者觀點。職是之故,本研究旨在探討補習班教師實施證照制度之困難點為何?可行性為何?並以電腦輔助電話訪問(CATI)進一步調查補習班管理者對「補習班教師應持有補習班教師證書」之看法,評估此政策之可行性。以及應該採取哪些措施才是現行推動補習班教師證照制度之最適宜施行方案。本研究獲致以下結論:(一)補習班教師證照制度具有相當可行性;(二)補習班教師證照制度應由中央統籌規劃、縣市教育局/處主管、民間補教協會辦理;(三)補習班教師證照應採分級制度,並需要3年以上的「落日條款」期限;(四)補習班教師證照制度應有換證機制及規範違反專業倫理的處理方式;(五)補習班教師證照制度實施後的最大衝擊為「偏遠地區不易尋找合格教師」,最大正面幫助為「家長比較安心」。
Taiwan Legislative Yuan in 2017 passed the Act to implement the "real name system" for the cram schools. However in our opinion, the "real name system" is only a passive policy, and "teaching license system" is the right way. The purpose of this study is to explore the difficulties and feasibility of the implementation of the teaching license system for the cram schools. Investigating the views of cram school managers with CATI was employed in this research. The conclusions of this study are as follows: (1) Cram school teaching license system is feasible. (2) It is advisable for the cram school teacher license system to be planned by MOE, handled by the local authorities, and implemented by the associations. (3) The cram school teaching license system should adopt a grading system, and it needs more than three years of "sunset legislation" period. (4) The cram school teaching license system should have a renewal system and the ways to regulate violations of professional ethics. (5) The biggest impact of cram school teaching license system is that "hard to find qualified teachers in remote areas," and the biggest positive influence is "parents feel more at ease when their children in the cram schools."
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