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標題: 農產品電子商務廣告之視覺傳播初探研究
Exploration of Visual Communication Design in Agricultural E-Commerce Advertising
作者: 陳映廷
Ying-Ting Chen
Shih-Hsien Hsu
Hsiu-Ping Yueh
關鍵字: 文本分析
textual analysis
visual communication
agricultural product advertisement
摘要: 電子商務的蓬勃發展帶動農產品於網路行銷之興起,本研究旨於探討農業電子商務行銷廣告之視覺傳播與敘事設計,以了解新興態農業行銷中所強調與傳遞給消費者的訊息。本研究以Barthes的圖像分析法則,針對國內十一家主要農業電子商務平台上共97則之農產品廣告文本,進行文本分析,以了解農產品電子商務廣告中的視覺傳播應用方法,及農業意涵之呈現。研究結果顯示電子商務中農產品廣告文本,主要以圖文並茂方式突顯農產品品質之意涵,並呈現客製化銷售導向與具身土不二此文化概念之農業行銷傳播趨勢。本研究結果發現的這幾項視覺敘事傳播策略與行銷傳播意涵,正反映當前農產品行銷如何解讀消費者對農產品消費之需求與想像,及農產品電子商務行銷傳播之趨勢。
This study explored the visual communication and narrative design of advertisement on agricultural e-commerce websites. To understand the features and the implication of visual communication on agricultural e-commerce, this study analyzed 97 advertising texts of agricultural products collected from 11 top e-commerce platforms in Taiwan based on Barthes's principles of analyzing photographic messages. Findings showed that the emphasis of agricultural product quality is the key feature in agricultural product advertisements, both in text and in image. The study also found the marketing strategies of emphasizing customized sales and promoting the agenda of local production and local consumption. The findings of major visual communication strategies in agricultural products advertisements reflect not only the imagination and evaluation of consumers' needs and wants in modern society but also trends in agricultural e-commerce.
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