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標題: 從外部顧客觀點探討台中市農會服務品質與承諾對顧客滿意度之影響
The Influences of Service Quality and Commitment on Consumer Satisfaction of Farmers' Associations in Taichung from External Customers' Perspective
作者: 陳姿伶
Tzy-Ling Chen
關鍵字: 農會
Farmer's Association
Service Quality
Service Commitment
Consumer Satisfaction
摘要: 因應整體環境變遷,農會面對從農人口的逐漸高齡化和專業農民數遞減,且近來許多的新進青年農民表示對農會具陌生感,以及各主要事業部門持續遭受到相關政策規範及同業進入的競爭等衝擊,農會組織營運勢必須有調整,兼之,農會的組織營運規劃長久以來較缺乏顧客服務導向的相關策略佈局,許多學者專家更提出,生產導向的農會亦須有生產服務化的思維。故而,如何彰顯農會事業服務效能,回歸以「人」為本的農會經營理念,藉顧客對農會服務的肯定與滿意度以展現經營成果,遂成農會在面對轉型調整及新市場競爭當下,一個極為明確與具體的努力方向。故本研究立基以服務品質、服務承諾與顧客滿意度為研究主軸,鎖定農會外部顧客為目標對象,運用問卷調查法,以臺中市22家農會事業部門作為調查實施範疇,依面訪所得735份問卷分析得出之研究結果,除界定和研析農會顧客重視的服務品質屬性外,更深加探究農會對顧客的服務承諾與顧客滿意度現況,並歸結有助農會進行服務品質改善及提升顧客滿意度之策略性建議供參。
Along with the rapid societal and industrial changes, the Farmer's Associations (FAs) in Taiwan must adjust their organizational development strategies and business models to cope with the challenges stemming from the aging of agricultural population, emerging demands of new beginning young farmers who are also unfamiliar with FAs, and impacts of certain agricultural policy's restriction as well as new entrants' competition. While FAs have long neglected the importance of customer service in their strategic layout, many suggestions are proposed to require the transformation of pure production orientation by incorporating service thinking for a change in FAs' organizational behaviors. This study focuses on the service quality and commitment of FAs and the effects of service quality and commitment on consumer satisfaction of 735 external customers calling at 22 FAs in Taichung for investigation. The structured questionnaire in-person survey method is applied for data collection. The results reveal Taichung FAs' customers have positive views about both service quality and commitment of FAs; also significant positive effects of service quality and commitment on consumer satisfaction are confirmed. Based on the research findings, it is advised that FAs may enhance consumer satisfaction by improving the responsive aspect of service quality so as to strengthen service commitment to retain the present customers as well as to recruit more prospective ones locally.
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