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標題: 徐鑑《音泭》的韻圖設計與音韻思想
On the Design of Phonological Chart and Phonological System of Hsu Chien's Yinfu
作者: 王松木
Wang, Song-Mu
關鍵字: 徐鑑
Hsu Chien
design of phonological chart
摘要: 《音泭》(1817)一書,為徐鑑(1779-?)赴蜀任職遂寧知縣期間,利用政務之餘暇所撰成,其目的在於為訓蒙塾師提供簡淺易懂的正音教材,務使童蒙初學者得以熟習聲韻,以備日後讀書撰文之用。以往音韻學者研究《音泭》,大多從語音史角度著眼,將《音泭》音系假定為清代北京官話,透過《音泭》與其他北京官話文獻資料的貫串對比,藉以觀察近代北京官話語音演變的軌跡。本文則轉換路徑,從音韻思想史的角度切入,回溯徐鑑所處的時代環境,聚焦於設計理念與審音觀點,探析徐鑑如何設計韻圖形制及切音法則、如何分判訛音與俗音,並透過與李汝珍《音鑑》(1805)之共時橫向對比,闡釋《音泭》設計特點與音韻系統。
Hsu Chien's Yinfu was written when he completed this word in his leisure time during the time of serving as a governor of Ningchih Country. His purpose is to provide a simple and accessible correct pronunciation material of phonology in order to facilitate the children's familiarization of phonology for future's reading and writing. In the past, the phonologist scholars pay close attention to the history of phonology, and assume the sound system of Yinfu as the Beijing language of the officials in Qing dynasty. By crossly comparing between Yinfu and other Beijing language of the officials, the former scholars observed the developing route of contemporary Beijing official language. However, thisresearcher intends to shift this traditional route. This researcher attemptsto retracethe situation of Hsu's time from the perspective of the history of phonology and examines how Hsu designed the phonological chart and the qieyin principle with the focus on the design idea and the viewpoint of evaluating sound. This paper also examines how Hsu distinguished the incorrect pronunciation and common pronunciation. Last, through the synchronical and horizontal contrast with Li Ju-chen's Yinchien(1805), the paper expounds the design features and the phonological system of Yinfu.
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