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標題: What drives smartwatch purchase intention? Perspectives from hardware, software, design, and value
作者: Kuo-Lun Hsiao
Chia-Chen Chen
關鍵字: Perceived value
Interface convenience
Design aesthetics
Perceived infrastructure
Perceived content
Smartwatch purchase intention
摘要: Although wearable devices are popular in recent years, the market share of smartwatches is relatively low. The main goal of this research is to investigate the antecedents of the intention to purchase a smartwatch. This research develops a conceptual model and hypotheses based on the theory of reasoned action and perceived values from the perspectives of software, hardware, and aesthetic design. An online questionnaire was developed and distributed on popular websites to collect data, and 260 usable responses are collected from the potential users of the Apple Watch in Taiwan. The thirteen hypotheses were validated by using partial least squares (PLS) techniques. Among the antecedents of purchase intention in the model, the attitude towards using smartwatches was found to have the strongest direct effect. Among the factors of the attitude, design aesthetics have the most significant effect. The results also show that all of the factors about smartwatch attributes directly affected the related perceived values. However, social value and performance/quality value did not affect the intention. The model demonstrated relatively good explanatory power for purchase intention in the context of smartwatches. The proposed model can provide insights to smartwatch vendors to develop their new products and marketing strategies.
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