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標題: 元代李簡《學易記》析論
Analysis of Li Jian’s Record of Learning the Book of Change
作者: 楊自平
Yang, Tzu-Ping
關鍵字: 李簡
Li Jian
Record of Learning the Book of Change
Cheng Yi
Yuan Dynasty
摘要: 元代《易》學承繼宋《易》而有所開展,李簡宗主程《易》,重義理釋《易》。 李簡雖僅運用卦主、卦才、乘承比應等傳統觀念釋《易》,然詮解多富新意。並在 義理闡發多所發揮,針對時代議題提出反思。至於《學易記》中的《易》圖與圖 說,並非為建構個人的象數體系,而是作為解釋《易傳》的圖解及詮解。綜論李 簡《易》學的貢獻,除了保存珍貴《易》學文獻及辨析異說外,主要在義理釋《易》 結合時代議題多所發揮,同時也展現獨特圖書學觀點。無論義理釋《易》或圖書 《易》皆深受清代《易》家重視,對《易》學發展有其重要性。
Under the background of the studies of the Book of Change (yixue 易學) during Yuan dynasty, which development is generally taken to be stimulated by scholars in Song dynasty, Li Jian committed his own study to Cheng Yi’s yixue, wherein making sense of the Book of Change is definitely a big concern. Despite merely applying a small number of traditional ideas (e.g. guazhu, guacai, chengcheng biying, etc), Li’s interpretation can be seen as so creative, not only in that the significances of ideas mentioned above are well explicated, but in that reflections of social issues in Li’s time are also available. It also deserves to be mentioned that in Li’s Record of Learning the Book of Change (Xue Yi Ji 學易記), the diagrams and the related commentaries function not as constituting Li’s own diagram-number (xiangshu 象數) system, but as an explanation of yizhuan (易傳). In short, in addition to preserving the texts pertaining to yixue from missing as well as a criticism of various interpretations, Li Jian’s contributions also include both a reflection of social issues and a special viewpoint towards bibliography, which had once got attentions from scholars interested in yixue during Qing dynasty, and in this sense Li’s works can be suggested to play an important role in the development of yixue.
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