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標題: 應用崩塌體積與最小平滑曲面法建構三維深層崩塌之近似破壞面
Constructing Approximated Three-Dimensional Fracture Surfaces of Deep-Seated Landslides by Using Volume Constraints and Smooth Minimal Surfaces
作者: 郭志禹
Chih-Yu Kuo
Ya-Hsin Chan
Pi-Wen Tsai
Rou-Fei Chen
Yih-Chin Tai
Ching-Weei Lin
關鍵字: 最小平滑曲面法
minimal smooth surface
deep-seated landslide
fracture surface estimation
摘要: 在台灣坡地防災規劃作業中,由於存在數量龐大的潛勢崩塌區,亟需自動化工具來高效率地預估崩塌區域的相關參數,如崩塌量體、破壞面深度位置、形狀、更進一步至坡面穩定性與崩移影響範圍等。本研究針對破壞面位置形狀,利用崩塌體積及最小平滑曲面來建構深層崩塌之近似三維破壞面。模式中藉給定破壞曲面與地表所包覆的體積,以最佳化產生符合崩塌邊界的最小平滑曲面,並以此曲面作為崩塌地之近似破壞面,為驗證此法可行性,我們使用高雄甲仙區已知兩處實際案例來評估此近似法,初判其預測是可行的,而產生之三維破壞面及崩塌深度分布,預期可整合至邊坡穩定分析與山崩運動模式。
Because of the large number of potential deep-seated landslides in Taiwan, for slope hazard mitigation planning, automated tools are necessary for assessing crucial landslide scarp parameters in a cost-effective manner. These landslide scarp parameters include landslide volume, shape, fracture surface depth, slope stability, and affected areas. This study proposed a method of constructing approximated three-dimensional (3D) fracture surfaces by using landslide volume and the minimal smooth surface method in which landslide volume is considered enclosed by minimal smooth surfaces and free slope surfaces. Through optimization, the minimal smooth surface can be calculated, with its circumference conforming to the observed scarp boundary. To verify applicability, we applied this method to two landslides sites in the Jiasian District of Kaohsiung City, and the preliminary assessment results indicated that this method is feasible for practical applications. In the future, a predicted 3D sliding landslide mass can be directly incorporated into slope stability analysis, landslide motion simulation, and other applications.
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