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12012提升光捕捉模組吸收效率於太陽能電池之模擬研究康尚文; 簡瑞與; 楊錫杭; 林冠宇; Lin, Kuan-Yu; 中興大學-
22008由二階段乳化法製備具酸鹼應答之仿生性高分子vesicles及其特性探討陳崇賢; 王麗芳; 蔡毓楨; 邱信程; 林玥彣; Lin, Yue-Wen; 中興大學-
32002平行程式的除錯機制與封包追蹤林偉; Wei Lin; 洪國書; kshong-
42011Morphological and Ion-Transporting Plasticity of Branchial Mitochondrion-Rich Cells in the Euryhaline Spotted Green Pufferfish, Tetraodon nigroviridisTang, C.H.; 李宗翰; Lee, T.H.-
52010The decodability and correctability of codesHsiao, H.K.; 喻石生; Lin, H.H.; Yu, S.S.-
62011Superior Reliability of Gate-All-Around Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistors with Vacuum Cavities Next to Gate Oxide EdgesLiu, H.W.; 汪芳興; Chiou, S.M.; Huang, H.C.; Gong, J.; Wang, F.H.; 劉漢文-
72005Bax-regulated mitochondria-mediated apoptosis is responsible for the in vitro ischemia induced neuronal cell death of Sprague Dawley ratLin, C.H.; 葛其梅; Lu, Y.Z.; Cheng, F.C.; Chu, L.F.; Hsueh, C.M.-
82008Asynchronous two-way ranging using Tomlinson-Harashima precoding and UWB signalingWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Chen, J.K.; Sethares, W.A.-
92009Experimental study of extreme shear stress for shallow flow under simulated rainfallLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Lee, J.J.; Lu, T.F.; Hong, J.H.-
102008Studying the impact of carbon on device performance for strained-Si MOSFETsLee, M.H.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Peng, C.Y.; Hsieh, B.F.; Maikap, S.; Liao, S.H.-
112009Carrier backscattering characteristics of nanoscale strained complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor devices featuring the optimal stress engineeringChang, S.T.; 張書通; Liao, M.H.; Lee, C.C.; Huang, J.K.; Wang, W.C.; Hsieh, B.F.-
122008Impact force on downstream bed of weir by free overfall flowChen, J.Y.; Yao, C.Y.; Liao, Y.Y.; Huang, H.S.-
132009Private labels and new product developmentChen, C.M.; Chou, S.Y.; Hsiao, L.; Wu, I.H.-
141999Novel group-based spreading code protocol: hierarchy schedule sensing protocol for CDMA wireless networksChen, H.H.; Tea, W.T.-
151999Single-voltage-supply operation of Ga0.51In0.49P/In0.15Ga0.85As insulated-gate FET's for power applicationLu, S.S.; Hsu, Y.W.; Meng, C.C.; Chen, L.P.-
162011Immunolocalization of chloride transporters to gill epithelia of euryhaline teleosts with opposite salinity-induced Na+/K+-ATPase responsesTang, C.H.; Hwang, L.Y.; Shen, I.D.; Chiu, Y.H.; Lee, T.H.-
172012Adaptive TCP congestion control and routing schemes using cross-layer information for mobile ad hoc networksChang, H.P.; Kan, H.W.; Ho, M.H.-
182012Effects of low environmental salinity on the cellular profiles and expression of Na+, K+-ATPase and Na+, K+, 2Cl(-) cotransporter 1 of branchial mitochondrion-rich cells in the juvenile marine fish Monodactylus argenteusKang, C.K.; Liu, F.C.; Chang, W.B.; Lee, T.H.-
192018消費者生活型態與購買通路對保健食品選擇之影響蔡必焜; Bi-Kun Tsai; 黃柏閔; P0-Min Huang; 生物產業管理研究所
Results 1-19 of 19 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).
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