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11990Shortest Rectilinear Paths among Weighted RectanglesC.D.Yang; T.H.Chen; D.T.Lee-
21984Euclidean Shortest Paths in the Presence of Rectilinear BarriersD.T.Lee; F.P.Preparata-
3Aug-1982Ranking and Unranking of 2-3 TreesU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
4Sep-1986Generating Binary Trees of Bounded HeightC.C.Lee; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
5Jun-1991Shortest Rectilinear Paths among Weighted ObstaclesD.T.Lee; C.D.Yang; T.H.Chen-
6Jul-1985A Simple On-Line Bin Packing AlgorithmC.C.Lee; D.T.Lee-
7Apr-1986Computing the Visibility Polygon from an EdgeD.T.Lee; A.K.Lin-
8Mar-1983Ranking and Unranking of B-TreesU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
9Jan-1991Minimum Diameter Spanning Trees and Related ProblemsHo, Jan-Ming; D.T.Lee; C.H.Chang; C.K.Wong-
10Dec-1983On the X-Y Convex Hull of a Set of X-Y polygonsT.M.Nicholl; D.T.Lee; Y.Z.Liao; C.K.Wong-
11Mar-1986Geometric Complexity of Some Location ProblemsD.T.Lee; Y.F.Wu-
12Feb-1984An Optimal Time and Minimal Space Algorithm for Rectangle Intersection ProblemsD.T.Lee-
131985The Power of Geometric Duality RevisitedD.T.Lee; Y.T.Ching-
14Jun-1980Two Algorithms for Constructing Delaunay TriangulationsD.T.Lee; B.J.Schacter-
15Dec-1982An Optimal Illumination Region Algorithm for Convex PolygonsD.T.Lee; Jr, C.B.Silio-
161984Graph Algorithms on a Tree-Structured Parallel ComputerD.Y.Yeh; D.T.Lee-
17May-1983Visibility of a Simple PolygonD.T.Lee-
18Jun-1982On k-Nearest Neighbor Voronoi Diagrams in the PlaneD.T.Lee-
191985The Power of Geometric DualityB.Chazelle; L.J.Guibas; D.T.Lee-
20Feb-2012Computing the Stretch Factor and Maximum Detour of Paths, Trees, and Cycles in the Normed SpaceC.Wulff-Nilsen; A.Gr�ne; R.Klein; E.Langetepe; D.T.Lee; T.-C.Lin; S.-H.Poon; T.-K.Yu-
21Feb-2013Power Domination in Circular-arc GraphsLiao, Chung-Shou; D.T.Lee-
22Mar-2009GeoBuilder: A Geometric Algorithm Visualization and Debugging System for 2D and 3D Geometric ComputingJ.D.Wei; M.H.Tsai; G.C.Lee; J.H.Huang; D.T.Lee-
23Feb-2010Efficient Algorithms for the Sum Selection Problem and k Maximum Sums ProblemT.-C.Lin; D.T.Lee-
24Jul-2011Capacitated domination problemM.J.Kao; C.S.Liao; D.T.Lee-
252005Computer Security in the 21st CenturyD.T.Lee; S.P.Shieh; J.D.Tygar-
261983Maximum Clique Problem of Rectangle GraphsD.T.Lee-
271996Computational GeometryD.T.Lee-
28May-2004Securing Web Application Code by Static Analysis and Runtime ProtectionY.W.Huang; F.Yu; C.Hang; C.H.Tsai; D.T.Lee; S.Y.Kuo-
292009Integration of a Concept Map Generator and a Knowledge-Portal-Based E-Learning SystemJ.D.Wei; T.Y.Chen; T.Y.Tung; D.T.Lee-
30Aug-2011The Density Maximization Problem in GraphsKao, Mong-Jen; Katz, Bastian; Krug, Marcus; D.T.Lee; Rutter, Ignaz; Wagner, Dorothea-
31Jan-1996A Study of Neuromuscular-like Control in Rehabilitation RobotC.H.Wu; S.L.Chang; D.T.Lee-
32Oct-2002Intelligent Control of Electric ScootersD.T.Lee; S.J.Shiah; C.M.Lee; C.H.Wu-
33Jun-2000Content Management of Academia Sinica Digital LibraryJ.M.Ho; S.K.Huang; D.T.Lee-
34Oct-2006Efficient+Algorithms+for+the+Sum+Selection+Problem+and+K+Maximum+Sums+ProblemLin, Tien-Ching; D.T.Lee-
35Sep-2000DAViD: A Distributed Algorithm Visualization and Debugging System for Geometric ComputingL.H.Lin; D.T.Lee; K.Aoki-
36Jun-1989Bounded-Diameter Spanning Tree and Related ProblemsHo, Jan-Ming; D.T.Lee; C.H.Chang; C.K.Wong-
37Jan-1999A Muscular-like Compliance Control for Active Vehicle SuspensionS.L.Chang; C.H.Wu; D.T.Lee-
38Sep-2003The Extension and Contraction Rules of Graceful TreesT.K.Yu; D.T.Lee-
39Dec-2000Algorithms and ComputationD.T.Lee; S.H.Teng-
401984A Visibility Problem in VLSI Layout CompactionM.Schlag; F.Luccio; P.Maestrini; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
412010Computational Geometry I & IID.T.Lee-
421996Geometric Algorithm Visualization; Current Status; FutureD.T.Lee-
431993Algorithmic Aspects of VLSI LayoutM.Sarrafzadeh; D.T.Lee-
44Aug-2005SinicView: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Comparison of Multiple Sequence Alignment ResultsShih, Arthur Chun-Chieh; D.T.Lee; Lin, Laurent; Peng, Chin-Lin; Chen, Shiang-Heng; Wong, Chun-Yi; Chou, Meng-Yuan; Tze-Chan-
452011An Output-Sensitive Approach for the L_1/L_infinity k Nearest Neighbor Voronoi DiagramLiu, Chih-Hung; Papadopoulou, Evanthia; D.T.Lee-
462004Palindrome-like Patterns in Genomes," number�TR-IIS-04-019A.C.C.Shih; D.T.Lee; C.F.Chin; H.Y.M.Liao; W.H.Li-
47Jun-2004A New Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem using Genetic Algorithms with Priority EncodingJ.D.Wei; D.T.Lee-
48Nov-2009The Min-Max Voronoi Diagram of Polygons and Applications in VLSI ManufacturingE.Papadopoulou; D.T.Lee-
49Dec-2009Geometric Minimum Diameter Minimum Cost Spanning ProblemSeo, Dae Young; D.T.Lee; T.-C.Lin-
50Jun-2007Time Convex Hull with a HighwayT.K.Yu; D.T.Lee-
Results 101-150 of 190 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).