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1Mar-1991Out-of-Roundness Problem RevisitedV.B.Le; D.T.Lee-
2Dec-1989Parallel Batched Planar Point Location on the CCCD.T.Lee; F.P.Preparata-
3Jul-1979An Optimal Algorithm for Finding the Kernel of a polygonD.T.Lee; F.P.Preparata-
41981An O(n log n) Heuristic for Steiner Minimal Tree Problems on the Euclidean MetricJ.M.Smith; D.T.Lee; J.S.Liebman-
5Dec-1984Computational Geometry: A SurveyD.T.Lee; F.P.Preparata-
61986Generalized Delaunay Triangulation for Planar GraphsD.T.Lee; A.K.Lin-
7Sep-1982An Improved Algorithm for the Rectangle Enclosure ProblemD.T.Lee; F.P.Preparata-
8Nov-1979Location of Multiple Points in Planar SubdivisionD.T.Lee; C.C.Yang-
9Nov-1976An Algorithm for Transformation of an Arbitrary Switching Function to a Completely Symmetric FunctionD.T.Lee; S.J.Hong-
10Jun-2005Labeling Points on a Single LineY.S.Chen; D.T.Lee; C.S.Liao-
11Jun-1993Minimal Link Visibility Paths inside a Simple PolygonM.H.Alsuwaiyel; D.T.Lee-
122005Two variations of the minimumT.-s.Hsu; K.-H.Tsai; D.-W.Wang; D.T.Lee-
13Feb-2007Phylo-mLogo: An interactive multiple-logo visualization tool for large-number sequence alignmentsShih, Arthur Chun-Chieh; D.T.Lee; Peng, Chin-Lin; Wu, Yu-Wei-
14Dec-2005Comments and an improvement on 'A distributed algorithm of delay-bounded multicast routing for multimedia applications in wide area networks'T.L.Huang; D.T.Lee-
15Jun-1995Rectilinear Path Problems among Rectilinear Obstacles RevisitedC.D.Yang; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
16Jan-1999Skew Voronoi DiagramO.Aichholzer; F.Aurenhammer; D.Z.Chen; D.T.Lee; E.Papadopoulou-
17Sep-1993Maximum Independent Set of a Permutation Graph in K TracksD.T.Lee; M.Sarrafzadeh-
1819921-segment Center ProblemsH.Imai; D.T.Lee; C.D.Yang-
19Feb-1996A Faster Algorithm for Rubber-band Equivalent Transformation for Planar VLSI LayoutsH.F.S.Chen; D.T.Lee-
20Oct-1996Rectilinear Paths Among Rectilinear ObstaclesD.T.Lee; C.D.Yang; C.K.Wong-
21Jun-1994On Bends and Distances of Paths among Obstacles in Two-Layer Interconnection ModelD.T.Lee; C.D.Yang; C.K.Wong-
221995Parallel Algorithms on Circular-Arc GraphsM.G.; rews; D.T.Lee-
23Apr-1993The All-Pairs-Quickest Path ProblemD.T.Lee; E.Papadopoulou-
24Dec-2005A Hybrid Adaptive Scheme of Fuzzy-Neural Iterative Learning Controller for Nonlinear Dynamic SystemsY.C.Wang; C.J.Chien; D.T.Lee-
252009GR-Aligner: an algorithm for aligning pairwise genomic sequences containing rearrangement eventsChu, Te-Chin; Liu, Tsunglin; D.T.Lee; Greg, C.Lee; Shih, Arthur Chun-Chieh-
26Dec-1998Solving the All-pair Shortest Path Query Problem on Interval and Circular-arc GraphsD.Z.Chen; D.T.Lee; R.Sridhar; C.N.Sekharan-
27Dec-2004Travel Time Prediction with Support Vector RegressionC.H.Wu; Ho, Jan-Ming; D.T.Lee-
28Feb-2006Gridding Spot Centers of Smoothly Distorted Microarray ImagesHo, Jinn; Hwang, Wen-Liang; Lu, Henry Horn-Shing; D.T.Lee-
29Nov-1995An Optimal Algorithm for Roundness Determination on Convex PolygonsK.Swanson; D.T.Lee; V.L.Wu-
30Feb-2001Towards Web-Based ComputingK.Aoki; D.T.Lee-
31May-2007A Distributed Multicast Routing Algorithm for Real-Time Applications in Wide Area NetworksT.L.Huang; D.T.Lee-
32Jun-2005A testing framework for web application security assessmentY.W.Huang; C.H.Tsai; T.P.Lin; S.K.Huang; D.T.Lee; S.Y.Kuo-
33Dec-2004The Hausdorff Voronoi Diagram of Polygonal Objects: A Divide and Conquer ApproachE.Papadopoulou; D.T.Lee-
34Nov-2006An iterative distributed algorithm for multi-constraint multicast routingT.L.Huang; D.T.Lee-
35Apr-1999Critical area computation via Voronoi diagramsE.Papadopoulou; D.T.Lee-
36May-2007Randomized Algorithm for the Sum Selection ProblemT.C.Lin; D.T.Lee-
37Nov-1995An Optimal Algorithm for Shortest Paths on Weighted Interval and Circular-arc Graphs with ApplicationsM.J.Atallah; D.Z.Chen; D.T.Lee-
38Jun-1997K-best Cuts for Circular-arc GraphsK.H.Tsai; D.T.Lee-
39Apr-1998A New Approach for the Geodesic Voronoi Diagram of Points in a Simple Polygon and Other Restricted Polygonal DomainsE.Papadopoulou; D.T.Lee-
40Dec-1997Finding Rectilinear Paths Among Obstacles in a Two-layer Interconnection ModelD.T.Lee; C.D.Yang; C.K.Wong-
41Mar-1999Two-Way and Multi-Way Partitioning a Set of Intervals for Clique-Width MaximizationA.H.Farrahi; D.T.Lee; M.Sarrafzadeh-
422004On the Crossing Distribution Problem in Two RegionsT.K.Yu; D.T.Lee-
43May-2001Modeling Automatic Assembly and Disassembly Operations for Virtual ManufacturingS.M.Mok; C.H.Wu; D.T.Lee-
44May-1998On Crossing Minimization ProblemH.F.S.Chen; D.T.Lee-
45Jun-2000Computing and Combinatorics: ForewordJ.Tao; D.T.Lee-
46Mar-1992On Bends and Length of Rectilinear Paths: A Graph-Theoretic ApproachC.D.Yang; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
471992Parallel Enclosing Rectangle on SIMD MachinesC.S.Jeong; J.J.Choi; D.T.Lee-
48Mar-1994Restricted Track Assignment with ApplicationsM.Sarrafzadeh; D.T.Lee-
49Nov-1991Topological Via Minimization RevisitedM.Sarrafzadeh; D.T.Lee-
50Apr-1998GeoSheet: A Distributed Visualization Tool for Geometric AlgorithmsD.T.Lee; C.F.Shen; S.M.Sheu-
Results 51-100 of 190 (Search time: 0.001 seconds).