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12004Antagonistic activity against Helicobacter pylori infection in vitro by a strain of Enterococcus faecium TM39Tsai, C.C.; Huang, L.F.; Lin, C.C.; Tsen, H.Y.-
22000On some aspects of pin-loaded laminatesLin, C.C.; Lin, C.H.; Wang, J.T.S.-
32005Calibrating the volumetric errors of a precision machine by a laser tracker systemLin, C.C.; Her, J.L.-
42011Synthesis, characterization of hetero-bimetallic complex and application in the polymerization of epsilon-caprolactonePan, X.B.; Liu, A.; Yao, L.H.; Wang, L.; Zhang, J.F.; Wu, J.C.; Zhao, X.B.; Lin, C.C.-
52011Antitumor effect of BPR-DC-2, a novel synthetic cyclic cyanoguanidine derivative, involving the inhibition of MDR-1 expression and down-regulation of p-AKT and PARP-1 in lung cancerLi, S.L.; Huang, C.H.; Lin, C.C.; Huang, Z.N.; Chern, J.H.; Lien, H.Y.; Wu, Y.Y.; Cheng, C.H.; Chang, C.Y.; Chuu, J.J.-
62005Response to comments on: "Vibration suppression for high speed railway bridges using tuned mass dampers" by J.F. Wang, C.C. Lin, and B.L. Chen International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 40, No. 2, pp. 465-4919 2003Lin, C.C.-
72012Synthesis and structural characterization of aluminum complexes supported by NNO-tridentate ketiminate ligands: Efficient catalysts for ring-opening polymerization of L-lactideChuang, H.J.; Su, Y.C.; Ko, B.T.; Lin, C.C.-
82012Mcl-1 determines the imiquimod-induced apoptosis but not imiquimod-induced autophagy in skin cancer cellsHuang, S.W.; Chang, C.C.; Lin, C.C.; Tsai, J.J.; Chen, Y.J.; Wu, C.Y.; Liu, K.T.; Shieh, J.J.-
91999Stresses around pin-loaded hole in composite laminates using direct boundary element methodLin, C.C.; Lin, C.H.-
101999A method for exact series solutions in structural mechanicsWang, J.T.S.; Lin, C.C.-
112011Wogonin triggers apoptosis in human osteosarcoma U-2 OS cells through the endoplasmic reticulum stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and caspase-3-dependent signaling pathwaysLin, C.C.; Kuo, C.L.; Lee, M.H.; Lai, K.C.; Lin, J.P.; Yang, J.S.; Yu, C.S.; Lu, C.C.; Chiang, J.H.; Chueh, F.S.; Chung, J.G.-
122010Progranulin A-mediated MET Signaling Is Essential for Liver Morphogenesis in ZebrafishLi, Y.H.; Chen, M.H.C.; Gong, H.Y.; Hu, S.Y.; Li, Y.W.; Lin, G.H.; Lin, C.C.; Liu, W.; Wu, J.L.-
132006Changes in the morphology and cation content of a Bambusa edulis xylem mutant, vse, derived from somaclonal variationLin, C.S.; Lin, H.L.; Jane, W.N.; Hsiao, H.W.; Lin, C.C.; Jheng, F.Y.; Chang, W.C.-
142010Microstructure and Optical Properties of Tantalum Modified TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by the Sol-Gel ProcessKao, M.C.; Chen, H.Z.; Young, S.L.; Kung, C.Y.; Lin, C.C.; Hong, Z.Y.-
152011Comparative study of lactide polymerization by zinc alkoxide complexes with a beta-diketiminato ligand bearing different substituentsChen, H.Y.; Peng, Y.L.; Huang, T.H.; Sutar, A.K.; Miller, S.A.; Lin, C.C.-
162011Effects of Ma-Xing-Shi-Gan-Tang on Bleomycin- Induced Lung Fibrosis in RatsChang, C.W.; Lin, C.C.; Lien, H.Y.; Lin, Y.C.; Chen, Y.H.; Chang, F.R.; Li, Z.H.-
172010Tilapia Hepcidin 2-3 Peptide Modulates Lipopolysaccharide-induced Cytokines and Inhibits Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha through Cyclooxygenase-2 and Phosphodiesterase 4DRajanbabu, V.; Pan, C.Y.; Lee, S.C.; Lin, W.J.; Lin, C.C.; Li, C.L.; Chen, J.Y.-
182005Train-Induced Vibration Control of High-Speed Railway Bridges Equipped with Multiple Tuned Mass DampersLin, C.C.; Wang, J.F.; Chen, B.L.-
192006Family communication and parental influence on children's brand attitudesHsieh, Y.C.; Chiu, H.C.; Lin, C.C.-
201999Dissipator placement design for truss structures via balancing theoryLin, C.C.; Huang, H.N.; Yeh, F.B.-
Results 201-220 of 220 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).