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12008Evaluation of type II collagen scaffolds reinforced by poly(epsilon-caprolactone) as tissue-engineered tracheaLin, C.H.; 徐善慧; Su, J.M.; Hsu, S.H.-
22009A scaffold-bioreactor system for a tissue-engineered tracheaLin, C.H.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.; Huang, C.E.; Cheng, W.T.; Su, J.M.; 鄭文桐-
32009Electromigration of Sn-8 wt.% Zn-3 wt.% Bi and Sn-9 wt.% Zn-1 wt.% Cu soldersChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Hung, Y.M.; Lin, C.H.-
42010Interfacial reactions of Sn/Ag/Cu tri-layer on a deformed polyimide substrateLin, C.P.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.M.; Lin, C.H.; Su, W.C.-
52009Investigation of the cumulative tissue doses of naphthoquinones in human serum using protein adducts as biomarker of exposureLin, P.H.; 林伯雄; Chen, D.R.; Wang, T.W.; Lin, C.H.; Chuang, M.C.-
62005Effects of naphthalene quinonoids on the induction of oxidative DNA damage and cytotoxicity in calf thymus DNA and in human cultured cellsLin, P.H.; 林伯雄; Pan, W.C.; Kang, Y.W.; Chen, Y.L.; Lin, C.H.; Lee, M.C.; Chou, Y.H.; Nakamura, J.-
72009Protective role of estrogen receptor-alpha on lower chlorinated PCB congener-induced DNA damage and repair in human tumoral breast cellsLin, C.H.; 林伯雄; Huang, C.L.; Chuang, M.C.; Wang, Y.J.; Chen, D.R.; Chen, S.T.; Lin, P.H.-
82005Induction of cytotoxicity, aldehydic DNA lesions, and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 activation by catechol derivatives of pentachlorophenol in calf thymus DNA and in human breast cancer cellsLin, C.H.; 林伯雄; Leow, H.T.; Huang, S.C.; Nakamura, J.; Swenberg, J.A.; Lin, P.H.-
92007Melting effect on mixed convective heat transfer with aiding and opposing external flows from the vertical plate in a liquid-saturated porous mediumCheng, W.T.; 鄭文桐; Lin, C.H.-
1020072,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) induces oxidative stress, DNA strand breaks, and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 activation in human breast carcinoma cell linesLin, P.H.; 林伯雄; Lin, C.H.; Huang, C.C.; Chuang, M.C.; Lin, P.P.-
112009Effect of embedding a porous medium on the deposition rate in a vertical rotating MOCVD reactor based on CFD modelingLin, C.H.; 鄭文桐; Cheng, W.T.; Lee, J.H.-
122009Numerical prediction on the variation of temperature in the eroded blast furnace hearth with titanium dioxide in hot metalLin, C.H.; 鄭文桐; Cheng, W.T.; Du, S.W.-
132006Transient mixed convective heat transfer with melting effect from the vertical plate in a liquid saturated porous mediumCheng, W.T.; 鄭文桐; Lin, C.H.-
142008Unsteady mass transfer in mixed convective heat flow from a vertical plate embedded in a liquid-saturated porous medium with melting effectCheng, W.T.; 鄭文桐; Lin, C.H.-
152012Prothrombin time tests on a microfluidic disc analyzerShih, C.H.; Lu, C.H.; Wu, J.H.; Lin, C.H.; Wang, J.M.; Lin, C.Y.-
162010Enhancement of light output power of GaN-based light-emitting diodes using a SiO2 nano-scale structure on a p-GaN surfaceHuang, H.W.; Lai, F.I.; Huang, J.K.; Lin, C.H.; Lee, K.Y.; Lin, C.F.; Yu, C.C.; Kuo, H.C.-
172007Characterization of a novel T4-type Stenotrophomonas maltophilia virulent phage Smp14Chen, C.R.; 翁淑芬; Lin, C.H.; Lin, J.W.; Chang, C.I.; Tseng, Y.H.; Weng, S.F.-
182010Characterization of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris heat shock protein A (HspA), which possesses an intrinsic ability to reactivate inactivated proteinsLin, C.H.; 翁淑芬; Lee, C.N.; Lin, J.W.; Tsai, W.J.; Wang, S.W.; Weng, S.F.; Tseng, Y.H.-
192003Expression of a Bacillus thuringiensis cry1C gene in plastid confers high insecticidal efficacy against tobacco cutworm - a Spodoptera insectLin, C.H.; 陳良築; Chen, Y.Y.; Tzeng, C.C.; Tsay, H.S.; Chen, L.J.-
202005A conserved inverted repeat from rice plastome functions as an intrinsic transcription terminatorLin, C.H.; 陳良築; Liang, Y.J.; Chen, L.J.-
212008Development of a reliable assay protocol for identification of diseases (RAPID)-bioactive amplification with probing for detection of avian reovirusLi, S.K.; 劉宏仁; Lin, C.H.; Chen, Y.T.; Lee, L.H.; Liu, H.J.-
222011Soluble High-T-g Polyetherimides with Good Flame Retardancy Based on an Asymmetric Phosphinated EtherdiamineLin, C.H.; Chang, S.L.; Cheng, P.W.-
232009Facile and Efficient Preparation of Phosphinate-Functionalized Aromatic Diamines and Their High-T-g PolyimidesChang, C.W.; Lin, C.H.; Cheng, P.W.; Hwang, H.J.; Dai, S.A.-
242009A composite anode with reactive methanol filter for direct methanol fuel cellWan, C.H.; Lin, C.H.-
252007Estimation of regional evapotranspiration by adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system for Dan-Shui basin in TaiwanLin, C.H.; Chao, C.; Chen, W.F.-
262007Suppressing the methanol crossover for DMFC by double layers of nanometer-sized Pt-Ru/Pt-dispersed in PEMWan, C.H.; Lin, C.H.-
272010Effects of deposition and annealing temperatures on the electrical and optical properties of Ag2O and Cu2O-Ag2O thin filmsTseng, C.C.; Hsieh, J.H.; Lin, C.H.; Wu, W.-
282011Surface modification of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) porous scaffolds using gelatin hydrogel as the tracheal replacementLin, C.H.; Hsu, S.H.; Su, J.M.; Chen, C.W.-
292010Light Extraction Efficiency Enhancement of GaN-Based Light Emitting Diodes on n-GaN Layer Using a SiO(2) Photonic Quasi-Crystal OvergrowthHuang, H.W.; Lee, K.Y.; Huang, J.K.; Lin, C.H.; Lin, C.F.; Yu, C.C.; Kuo, H.C.-
302006Ischemic neuron-derived conditioned media protect ischemic brain in ERK and NO related mannerCheng, S.Y.; Lin, C.H.; Wang, C.H.; Hsueh, C.M.-
322007Synthesis and properties of polyimides derived from 1,4-Bis(4-aminophenoxy)-2-(6-oxido-6H-dibenz c,e 1,2 oxaphosphorin-6-yl) phenyleneLin, C.H.-
332000Effect of section ductility on moment redistribution of continuous concrete beamsLin, C.H.; Chien, Y.M.-
342012Synthesis of 9,9-Bis(4-aminophenyl)fluorene-Based Benzoxazine and Properties of Its High-Performance ThermosetChang, H.C.; Lin, C.H.; Tian, Y.W.; Feng, Y.R.; Chan, L.H.-
352012Synthesis and trans-ureation of N,N '-diphenyl-4, 4 '-methylenediphenylene biscarbamate with diamines: a non-isocyanate route (NIR) to polyureasChen, H.Y.; Pan, W.C.; Lin, C.H.; Huang, C.Y.; Dai, S.A.-
362012Deprotection-free preparation of propargyl ether-containing phosphinated benzoxazine and the structure-property relationship of the resulting thermosetsChang, H.C.; Lin, C.H.; Lin, H.T.; Dai, S.H.A.-
372009Investigation of GaN-based light emitting diodes with nano-hole patterned sapphire substrate (NHPSS) by nano-imprint lithographyHuang, H.W.; Lin, C.H.; Huang, J.K.; Lee, K.Y.; Lin, C.F.; Yu, C.C.; Tsai, J.Y.; Hsueh, R.; Kuo, H.C.; Wang, S.C.-
382011High-T-g Transparent Poly(ether sulfone)s Based on Phosphinated BisphenolsLin, C.H.; Chang, S.L.; Wei, T.P.-
392012Shear behaviour of prestressed beams with high-workability concreteLin, C.H.; Chen, S.T.; Lin, W.C.-
402001Ductility of high-performance concrete beams with high-strength lateral reinforcementLin, C.H.; Lee, F.S.-
412005Flexural behavior of high-workability concrete columns under cyclic loadingLin, C.H.; Lin, S.P.-
422002Oxidation of arc ion-plated CrN coatings at elevated temperaturesHsieh, W.P.; 薛富盛; Wang, C.C.; Lin, C.H.; Shieu, F.S.-
431998Flexural behavior of concrete beams with welded wire fabric as shear reinforcementLin, C.H.; Perng, S.M.-
442008Ischemic brain cell-derived conditioned medium protects astrocytes against ischemia through GDNF/ERK/NF-kB signaling pathwayChu, L.F.; Wang, W.T.; Ghanta, V.K.; Lin, C.H.; Chiang, Y.Y.; Hsueh, C.M.-
452009A Four-Gene Signature from NCI-60 Cell Line for Survival Prediction in Non-Small Cell Lung CancerHsu, Y.C.; Yuan, S.; Chen, H.Y.; Yu, S.L.; Liu, C.H.; Hsu, P.Y.; Wu, G.; Lin, C.H.; Chang, G.C.; Li, K.C.; Yang, P.C.-
461999Use of a direct boundary element method for pin-loaded platesLin, C.C.; Lin, C.H.; Wang, J.T.S.-
472012Air plasma treated chitosan fibers-stacked scaffoldsHsu, S.H.; Lin, C.H.; Tseng, C.S.-
482011Supernatant decanting on a centrifugal platformShih, C.H.; Lu, C.H.; Yuan, W.L.; Chiang, W.L.; Lin, C.H.-
492004High-workability concrete columns under concentric compressionLin, C.H.; Lin, S.P.; Tseng, C.H.-
502008Self-consolidating concrete columns under concentric compressionLin, C.H.; Hwang, C.L.; Lin, S.P.; Liu, C.H.-
Results 101-150 of 181 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).