第 57751 到 57800 筆結果,共 57881 筆。
12017嵇康、向秀養生論述中的「身體」思維與型態觀察Chen Jing-Rong; 陳靜容; 國立中興大學中國文學系
22017胡樸安《詩經學》芻論Li Ming-Yuan; 李名媛; 國立中興大學中國文學系
3三月-2016A Common Flanking Region in Promiscuous Plasmids Encoding blaNDM-1 in Klebsiella pneumoniae Isolated in SingaporeChen, Ying-Tsong; Siu, L Kristopher; Tsai, Yu-Kuo; Lin, Fu-Mei; Koh, Tse Hsien; Chen, Jiun-Han-
42017經典研究的兩個神話:從戴震到章學誠Fung Yiu-Ming; 馮耀明; 國立中興大學中國文學系
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82016番鴨里奧病毒p10.8及σC蛋白之功能研究池宛宜; 劉宏仁-
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1326-八月-2016Effect of the Phosphor Permanent Substrate on the Angular CCT for White Thin-Film Flip-Chip Light-Emitting Diodes View Document 177Ching-Ho Tien; Kuo-Wei Ho; Huan-Yu Chien; Dong-Sing Wuu; 武東星-
1430-十一月-2015Electrolytic calcium phosphate/zirconia composite coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy for enhancing corrosion resistance and bioactivityMing-Jia Wang; Shao-Ching Chao; Shiow-Kang Yen; 顏秀崗
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1614-十一月-2016Defect annihilation mechanism of AlN buffer structures with alternating high and low V/III ratios grown by MOCVDTzu Yu Wang; Jia Hao Liang; Guan Wei Fu; Dong Sing Wuu; 武東星
17七月-2016On the role of diluted magnetic cobalt-doped ZnO electrodes in efficiency improvement of InGaN light emittersHong-Ru Liu; Sin-Liang Ou; Shih-Yin Wang; Dong-Sing Wuu; 武東星
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191-二月-2017苯乙烯和馬來酸酐共聚物之合成與改質謝榮峯; 戴憲弘
201-二月-2017甲基丙烯酸(2,3-環碳酸酯)縮水甘油酯之合成與應用林懿潔; 戴憲弘
217-九月-2016Suppression of Vimentin Phosphorylation by the Avian Reovirus p17 through Inhibition of CDK1 and Plk1 Impacting the G2/M Phase of the Cell CycleChiu, Hung-Chuan; Huang, Wei-Ru; Liao, Tsai-Ling; Wu, Hung-Yi; Munir, Muhammad; Shih, Wing-Ling; Liu, Hung-Jen; 邱泓銓
2231-五月-2016Chronic Iron Overload Results in Impaired Bacterial Killing of THP-1 Derived Macrophage through the Inhibition of Lysosomal AcidificationKao, Jun-Kai; Wang, Shih-Chung; Ho, Li-Wei; Huang, Shi-Wei; Chang, Shu-Hao; Yang, Rei-Cheng; Ke, Yu-Yuan; Wu, Chun-Ying; Wang, Jiu-Yao; Shieh, Jeng-Jer; 謝政哲
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2723-五月-2016SUMO5, a Novel Poly-SUMO Isoform, Regulates PML Nuclear BodiesLiang, Ya-Chen; Lee, Chia-Chin; Yao, Ya-Li; Lai, Chien-Chen; Schmitz, M Lienhard; Yang, Wen-Ming; 楊文明
282014堤防對堆砂功效之研究黃隆明; 趙彥勛; Yen-Hsun Chao; 水土保持學系
299-六月-2016Structural, electro-optical, and mechanical properties of reactively sputtered (TiZrHf)N coatingsDu-Cheng Tsai; Zue-Chin Chang; Bing-Hau Kuo; Erh-Chiang Chen; Yung-Cheng Liu; Fuh-Sheng Shieu; 蔡篤承
304-四月-2016Viscoelastic mechanical properties measurement of thin Al and Al–Mg films using bulge testingAn-Wen Huang; Cheng-Hua Lu; Shao-Chi Wu; Tzu-Ching Chen; Richard P. Vinci; Walter L. Brown; Ming-Tzer Lin; 林明澤
3112-七月-2016Using Taguchi method to obtain the optimal design of heat dissipation mechanism for electronic component packagingDe-Shau Huang; Wen-Bin Tu; Xiu-Ming Zhang; Liang-Te Tsai; Ti-Yuan Wu; Ming-Tzer Lin; 林明澤
329-十一月-2015A low-complexity turbo MUD for MU-MIMO SC-FDMA systemsYu-Kuan Chang; Fang-Biau Ueng; Ying-Mu Yang; 翁芳標-
334-六月-2015Simulation of a high-power LED lamp for the evaluation and design of heat dissipation mechanismsDe-Shau Huang; Heng-Jen Kuo; Yi-Sheng Liao; Fang-Jui Kuo; Ming-Tzer Lin
3415-一月-2014Iterative multiuser detection for LDPC MIMO SC-FDMA communication systemsShun-Rong Lee; Fang-Biau Ueng; Hsuan-Fu Wang; Yu-Kuan Chang; 翁芳標-
358-十一月-2016Uniformity and Collimation of Incoherence Gaussian Beam With Divergence Based on Only One Fresnel SurfaceC. M. Tsai; 蔡政穆
3626-十二月-2015Spectral Shift Amplification and Polarization-Controlled Spectral Shift with Silver MetalPin Han; Yung-Chieh Tseng; 韓 斌
3724-三月-2016Talbot images and Talbot spectra of a 2D orthogonal periodicity structurePin Han; Junhong Weng; 韓 斌
382013紅酒市場與從眾行為張嘉玲; 黃塵; Huang, Chen; 應用經濟學系所-
392014含孔磚牆面外撓曲握裹強度探討Chien-Hung Lin; 林建宏; 張祐荏; Yu-Zen Chang; 土木工程學系所-
402013以未取得同意及未去連結的外科手術所切取之人體組織作為醫學研究材料相關法律問題探討許舜喨; Shun-Liang Hsu; 許月禎; Hsu, Yueh-Chen; 法律學系科技法律碩士班-
412014Study on the InGaAs solar cells with various buffers fabricated on the misoriented GaAs substrates洪瑞華; Chien-Heng Lu; 盧建亨; 精密工程學系所-
422013考量動態喜好與社群影響於不確定軌跡資料之探勘蔡曉萍; Hsiao-Ping Tsai; 張茂虔; Chang, Mao-Chien; 電機工程學系所-
432014Study on the angular CCT uniformity in white light-emitting diodes with packaging technology洪瑞華; Huan-Ting Lin; 林煥庭; 精密工程學系所-
442013Dynamic and Mechatronic Simulation of Feed Drive System in Machine Tool邱顯俊; 賴加雄; Chia-Hsiung Lai; 機械工程學系所-
452014氣候變遷對傳染病的潛在影響:登革熱在泰國為例陳吉仲; Chi-Chung Chen; Rueangborom Petcharat; 查柏隆; 應用經濟學系所
46二月-2016Heat-shock pretreatment reduces expression and release of TSLP from keratinocytes under Th2 environmentKao, Jun-Kai; Lee, Cheng-Han; Lee, Ming-Sheng; Hsu, Cheng-Sheng; Tsao, Long-Yen; Tsai, Yi-Giien; Shieh, Jeng-Jer; Yang, Rei-Cheng; 謝政哲-
4730-十二月-2015The effects of post-deposition ion-beam bombardment with oxygen on the Co surface in modifying the magnetic properties of Co thin filmsXu Li; H.-T. Liang; Ko-Wei Lin; P.-L. Liu; W.-C. Lo; David L Cortie; F. Klose; Johan Van Lierop; L. Li; Philip W. T. Pong
4827-十一月-2015Effects of sputtering power on microstructure and mechanical properties of TiVCr filmsDu-Cheng Tsai; Zue-Chin Chang; Bing-Hau Kuo; Yu-Shiuan Deng; Erh-Chiang Chen; Fuh-Sheng Shieu; 蔡篤承
4912-十一月-2015A second criterion for sigma phase formation in high-entropy alloysMing-Hung Tsai; Keng-Che Chang; Jian-Hong Li; Ruei-Chi Tsai; An-Hung Cheng; 蔡銘洪
507-十二月-2016Interface mixing and its impact on exchange coupling in exchange biased systemsManna, P K; Skoropata, E; Ting, Y-W; Lin, K-W; Freeland, J W; van Lierop, J; 林克偉
第 57751 到 57800 筆結果,共 57881 筆。