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11999Influence of operating conditions on the formation of heavy metal compounds during incinerationWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Su, J.L.; Chen, J.C.-
21998Mass and elemental size distribution of chromium, lead and cadmium under various incineration conditionsWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Hwang, J.H.; Chen, J.C.-
31998Dynamic adsorption of heavy metals under various incineration temperaturesChen, J.C.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Liu, Y.F.; Chiang, B.C.-
41999The effects of chloride additives on adsorption of heavy metals during incinerationChen, J.C.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Yan, M.H.-
51998Operating parameters of autothermal pyrolysis of plastic waste in a fluidized bedWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Lo, C.S.; Wu, S.Y.; Lee, Y.T.-
61998The concentration distribution of heavy metals under different incineration operation conditionsWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Su, J.L.; Yan, M.H.; Wei, M.C.-
71998The relationship between the quantity of heavy metal and PAHs in fly ashWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Chao, C.Y.; Chen, J.C.; Yu, L.J.-
81999Molecular cloning of 11S globulin and 2S albumin, the two major seed storage proteins in sesameTai, S.S.K.; 曾志正; Wu, L.S.H.; Chen, E.C.F.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
91999Cloning and secondary structure analysis of caleosin, a unique calcium-binding protein in oil bodies of plant seedsChen, J.C.F.; 曾志正; Tsai, C.C.Y.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
101999A stress-inducible protein associated with desiccation in lily pollenWang, C.S.; 王國祥; Lin, S.M.; Wei, S.L.-
111998Mutational analysis of the conserved cationic residues of Bacillus stearothermophilus 6-phosphoglucose isomeraseMeng, M.; 孟孟孝; Chen, Y.T.; Hsiao, Y.Y.; Itoh, Y.; Bagdasarian, M.-
121999Fitting the Term Structure of Interest Rates for Taiwanese Government Bonds林丙輝; Bing-Huei Lin; Lin, Bing-Huei; 國立中興大學財務金融學系-
131998Two-stage simulation of the major heavy-metal species under various incineration conditionsChen, J.C.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Su, J.L.; Hsieh, S.M.-
141999Production, purification, and protection of recombinant infectious bursal disease virus structural protein produced by insect cellsWang, M.Y.; 王敏盈; Lee, L.H.; Lai, S.Y.; Dong, X.R.; Kuo, Y.Y.-
151999Pricing and Quality Option in Japanese Government Bond Futures林丙輝; Bing-Huei Lin; B.H.Lin; R.R.Chen; J.H.Chou; 國立中興大學財務金融學系-
161999Identification of the RNA-binding sites of the triple gene block protein 1 of bamboo mosaic potexvirusWung, C.H.; 徐堯煇; Hsu, Y.H.; Liou, D.Y.; Huang, W.C.; Lin, N.S.; Chang, B.Y.-
171998The adsorption of heavy metals by different sorbents under various incineration conditionsChen, J.C.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Lin, Y.C.-
181999Capture of heavy metals by sorbents in incineration flue gasChen, J.C.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Ou, W.Y.-
191998The major species of heavy metal aerosol resulting from water cooling systems and spray dryer systems during incineration processesWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Yang, J.T.; Wei, M.C.-
201998Coexistence of both oleosin isoforms on the surface of seed oil bodies and their individual stabilization to the organellesTzen, J.T.C.; 曾志正; Chuang, R.L.C.; Chen, J.C.F.; Wu, L.S.H.-
211998Identification of three novel unique proteins in seed oil bodies of sesameChen, E.C.F.; 曾志正; Tai, S.S.K.; Peng, C.C.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
221999Application of circuit model for Taipei city PM10 simulationTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔; Chao, C.P.-
231998Model of leaching behavior from fly ash landfills with different age refusesHuang, C.J.; 盧重興; Lu, C.Y.; Tzeng, J.W.-
241998A sectional model to predict performance of a plate-wire electrostatic precipitator for collecting polydisperse particlesLu, C.Y.; 盧重興; Huang, H.S.-
251998Chemical characterization of anaerobic digestion treatment of poultry mortalitiesChen, T.H.; 陳天鴻; Shyu, W.H.-
261997(中華書道季刊第17期, p059-060)白陶殘片上的墨書-以「無彩」為主流的書畫美學陳欽忠; Department of Chinese Literature, National Chung Hsing University; 國立中興大學中國文學系-
27Feb-1997(中華書道季刊第15期, p071-073)詩卷格式的審美特色陳欽忠; Department of Chinese Literature, National Chung Hsing University; 國立中興大學中國文學系-
281998Back-calculation of concrete pavement modulus using road-rater dataLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Wu, Y.T.; Juang, C.H.; Huang, T.K.-
291998Influences of reinforcing bars on crack depth measurement by stress wavesLin, Y.C.; 林宜清; Liou, T.H.; Hsiao, C.M.-
301997On the flow around a vertical porous fenceFang, F.M.; 方富民; Wang, D.Y.-
311999Preliminary notes on the three Cecidomyiidae (Diptera) galls on Machilus thunbergii Hayata (Lauraceae) in the Guandaushi forest of central TaiwanYang, S.Y.; 楊正澤; Yang, J.T.; Chen, M.Y.-
321998Lectotypes designation and notes on Dr. T. Shiraki's types of the genus Loxoblemmus Saussure (Orthoptera : gryllidae)Yang, J.T.; 楊正澤-
331999A two-dimensional linear variation displacement discontinuity method for three-layered elastic mediaShou, K.J.; 壽克堅; Napier, J.A.L.-
341998Evidence for programmed cell death during leaf senescence in plantsYen, C.H.; 楊長賢; Yang, C.H.-
351999FLD interacts with CO to affect both flowering time and floral initiation in Arabidopsis thalianaYang, C.H.; 楊長賢; Chou, M.L.-
361997從立線體去氧核糖核酸序列鑑定蜉蝣屬(蜉蝣目:蜉蝣科)同胞種Ephemera formosana 及 E. sauteriYeh, W.B.; C.T.Yang-
371998A numerical approach to determining the transient response of nonrectangular bars subjected to transverse elastic impactLin, Y.C.; 林宜清; Lai, W.K.; Lin, K.L.-
381998Discharge measurement of rapid streamflow using an acoustic Doppler profilerLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Wang, C.Y.; Su, C.C.-
391999A single locus leads to resistance of Arabidopsis thaliana to bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum through a hypersensitive-like responseHo, G.D.; 楊長賢; Yang, C.H.-
401998Resistance and susceptibility of Arabidopsis thaliana to bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearumYang, C.H.; 楊長賢; Ho, G.D.-
411998FLD interacts with genes that affect different developmental phase transitions to regulate Arabidopsis shoot developmentChou, M.L.; 楊長賢; Yang, C.H.-
421999Genetic interactions of the Arabidopsis flowering time gene FCA, with genes regulating floral initiationPage, T.; 楊長賢; Macknight, R.; Yang, C.H.; Dean, C.-
431999Monte Carlo simulation on the cation diffusion via vacancies in simple spinelsLu, F.H.; 呂福興-
441998Characterization of the hrpC and hrpRS operons of Pseudomonas syringae pathovars syringae, tomato, and glycinea and analysis of the ability of hrpF, hrpG, hrcC, hrpT, and hrpV mutants to elicit the hypersensitive response and disease in plantsDeng, W.L.; 鄧文玲; Preston, G.; Collmer, A.; Chang, C.J.; Huang, H.C.-
451999Cellular locations of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae HrcC and HrcJ proteins, required for harpin secretion via the type III pathwayDeng, W.L.; 鄧文玲; Huang, H.C.-
461999Determining crack depth and measurement errors using time-of-flight diffraction techniquesLin, Y.C.; 林宜清; Liou, T.H.; Tsai, W.H.-
471998Ultrastructural studies on the reproductive system of male Aedes aegypti (Diptera : Culicidae) infected with dengue 2 virusTu, W.C.; 杜武俊; Chen, C.C.; Hou, R.F.-
481998Subgrade reaction and load-settlement characteristics of gravelly cobble deposits by plate-load testsLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Yang, L.W.; Juang, C.H.-
491999Dynamic response of an elastic fence under wind action方富民; Fang, F.M.; 翁駿民; Ueng, J.M.; Liu, C.Y.; Soong, P.S.-
501999A transgenic mutant defective in cell elongation and cellular organization during both root and shoot development in lettuce, Lactuca sativaYang, C.H.; 楊長賢; Li, C.I.-
Results 101-150 of 1160 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).