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11998Reactions of Ti(O-i-Pr)Cl-3 with 2-aminophenol and the crystal structure of the zwitterionic complex Ti(O-i-Pr)Cl-3(THF)(-OC6H4NH3+) center dot THFHo, Y.C.; Hwang, T.Y.; Gau, H.M.-
21999Spreading-code-dependent bit error rate and capacity analysis for finite asynchronous CDMA systemsChen, H.H.-
31998The application of turbulent kinetic theory to a reacting flow of turbulent plane jetChuang, S.H.; Hong, Z.C.; Wang, J.H.-
41998Vibration of postbuckled delaminated beam-platesChang, T.P.; Liang, J.Y.-
51999Applied alternating method to analyze the stress concentration around interacting multiple circular holes in an infinite domainTing, K.; Chen, K.T.; Yang, W.S.-
61997Magnetic properties of SmFe3 single crystalSamata, H.; Fujiwara, N.; Shimizu, Y.; Nagata, Y.; Uchida, T.; Lan, M.D.-
71998New intermetallic compounds found in Hf-Ni-Ge and Hf-Pt-Ge systemsNagata, Y.; Sodeyama, K.; Yashiro, S.; Sasaki, H.; Samata, H.; Uchida, T.; Lan, M.D.-
81999Magnetism and transport properties of metamagnetic Mn1-xCrxAu2Nagata, Y.; Hagii, T.; Samata, H.; Uchida, T.; Abe, S.; Sung, C.F.; Lan, M.D.-
91999Enterotoxigenic profiles and polymerase chain reaction detection of Bacillus cereus group cells and B-cereus strains from foods and food-borne outbreaksHsieh, Y.M.; Sheu, S.J.; Chen, Y.L.; Tsen, H.Y.-
10Mar-1999以反應曲面法探討影響curdlan凝膠抗凍性之因子金安兒; 劉家芳; 國立中興大學農學院
111999Use of pulsed field gel electrophoresis as an epidemiological tool for analysis of sporadic associated strains of Salmonella typhi isolated in TaiwanTsen, H.Y.; Lin, J.S.; Hu, H.H.; Liu, P.R.; Wang, T.K.-
121999Optical properties of the gamma-phase yttrium trihydride YH3-deltaLee, M.W.; Shin, W.P.-
131999Preparation and epoxy curing of novel dicyclopentadiene-derived Mannich aminesTseng, F.P.; Chang, F.C.; Lin, S.F.; Lin, J.J.-
141999Organic amendment of commercial culture media for improving control of Rhizoctonia damping-off of cabbageShiau, F.L.; 黃振文; Chung, W.C.; Huang, J.W.; Huang, H.C.-
15Jun-1999竹材蒸煮、硝化纖維素塗料及NON-ROT 103防腐劑處理對竹長蠹陳載永; 范振德; 彭武康; 國立中興大學農學院
16Jun-1999聖誕紅盆花貯運溫度對品質表現及乙烯生合成之影響林瑞松; 彭正光; 賴淑芬
17Mar-1998花生未熟胚培養的研究(4):未熟胚軸及子葉不同部位培養體胚形成之探討鄭皓鴻; 葉茂生; 國立中興大學農學院
18Jun-1999探討茶葉網頁設計之策略變數李宗儒; 國立中興大學農學院
191998Use of a multiplex PCR system for the simultaneous detection of heat labile toxin I and heat stable toxin II genes of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli in skim milk and porcine stoolTsen, H.Y.; Jian, L.Z.; Chi, W.R.-
201998Identification and characterization of RNA-binding activities of avian reovirus non-structural protein sigma NSYin, H.S.; Lee, L.H.-
211999Magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction of SmFe2 crystalSamata, H.; Fujiwara, N.; Nagata, Y.; Uchida, T.; Lan, M.D.-
22May-1997評介毛一波著《方志新論》曾鼎甲; 曾鼎甲; 國立中興大學歷史學系
23May-1997日據末期革屯街農業會洪淑湄; 洪淑湄; 國立中興大學歷史學系
24May-1997吳子光與《一肚皮集》林敏勝; 林敏勝; 國立中興大學歷史學系
25May-1997李淵起義之際對對突厥的謀略蔡登芳; 蔡登芳; 國立中興大學歷史學系
261999Elastic properties of lanthanum gallogermanate glassesHwa, L.G.; Lay, H.Y.; Szu, S.P.-
271999Hydrophilicity, crystallinity and electrostatic dissipating properties of poly(oxyethylene)-segmented polyurethanesLin, J.J.; Chen, Y.C.-
281998On the second law of thermodynamics and contact geometryChen, M.; Tseng, H.C.-
29Jan-1998南京事件:北伐期間中英關係之個案研究黃文德; 黃文德; 國立中興大學歷史學系
30Jan-1998李林甫長期竊據相位的原因探索陳連昆; 陳連昆; 國立中興大學歷史學系
311998Phyllotaxis: Its geometry and dynamicsLiaw, S.S.-
321999Steady-state aeroelasticity of fluid flow over a laminated composite plateJane, K.C.; Hong, C.C.-
33Jan-1999評費省著《唐代人口地理》湯雅蜜; 湯雅蜜; 國立中興大學歷史學系
34Jan-1999十六國北朝時期河西鮮卑禿髮(源)氏及其漢化研究張文杰; 張文杰; 國立中興大學歷史學系
35Jan-1999唐代任官籍貫迴避制度初步研究呂慎華; 呂慎華; 國立中興大學歷史學系
361999Functional and transcriptional analyses of a fengycin synthetase gene, fenC, from Bacillus subtilisLin, T.P.; Chen, C.L.; Chang, L.K.; Tschen, J.S.M.; Liu, S.T.-
371999Differential and additive effects of the three conserved isoleucine residues in the promoter - 10 binding region on Bacillus subtilis sigma(A) structure and functionLiao, C.T.; Wang, W.H.; Yang, H.S.; Chen, J.P.; Chang, B.Y.-
381998Characterization of latex allergenic components by capillary zone electrophoresis and N-terminal sequence analysisChen, H.D.; Chen, C.L.; Huang, S.W.; Kung, H.F.; Chen, H.C.-
391999Preparation and epoxy curing of p-nonylphenol/dicyclopentadiene adductsTseng, F.P.; Chang, F.C.; Lin, S.F.; Lin, J.J.-
40Mar-1998擠壓玉米產品理化特性之研究彭錦樵; 王敏彥; 國立中興大學農學院
41Mar-1998有機質肥料施用對蔬果硝酸與銅鋅含量之影響譚鎮中; 王銀波; 李振州; 國立中興大學農學院
421998Subgenomic RNAs of bamboo mosaic potexvirus-V isolate are packaged into virionsLee, Y.S.; Lin, B.Y.; Hsu, Y.H.; Chang, B.Y.; Lin, N.S.-
431999Neural network force control for industrial robotsLin, S.T.; Tzeng, S.J.-
44May-1997第一個平等新約:一九二五年中奧通商條約之初步研究廖敏淑; 廖敏淑; 國立中興大學歷史學系
45May-1997評嚴耕望著《唐代交通圖考》林紋如; 林紋如; 國立中興大學歷史學系
461998The influence of maternal weight correction formulas in Asian Down syndrome screening using alpha-fetoprotein and free beta-human chorionic gonadotropinHsu, J.J.; Hsieh, T.T.; Soong, Y.K.; Kuo, B.-
471999Thermoelastic transient response of an infinitely long annular multilayered cylinderJane, K.C.; Lee, Z.Y.-
48Jan-1998清季臺灣東部的漢「番」關係:以雙方勢力的衝突為例蕭明治; 蕭明治; 國立中興大學歷史學系
49Jan-1998北京政府與1922年的九國公約陳昱伶; 陳昱伶; 國立中興大學歷史學系
50Jan-1998北朝的商業發展林紋如; 林紋如; 國立中興大學歷史學系
Results 1001-1050 of 1160 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).