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11999Mitochondrion-rich cells in the embryonic yolk sac of Oreochromis mossambicusLin, H.C.; 李宗翰; Hwang, P.P.; Lee, T.H.-
21998The application of chelating agent incorporated polymer modified electrodes in the detection of trace metalsZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Lee, M.L.; Huang, S.Y.; Hsu, F.S.; Chi, N.Y.; Chung, M.J.-
31999Determination of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate in cosmetic bleaching products using a disposable screen-printed carbon electrodeShih, Y.; 曾志明; Zen, J.M.-
41998A selective voltammetric method for uric acid detection at Nafion (R)-coated carbon paste electrodesZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Hsu, C.T.-
51999Identification scheme based on Shamir's 'RSA for paranoids'Horng, G.; 洪國寶-
61997Optimization of electroporation conditions for expression of GUS activity in electroporated protoplasts and intact plant cellsLin, C.H.; 林金和; Xiao, L.; Hou, B.H.; Ha, S.B.; Saunders, J.A.-
71998Determination of hydroxyl radicals in an advanced oxidation process with salicylic acid trapping and liquid chromatographyJen, J.F.; 鄭政峰; Leu, M.F.; Yang, T.C.-
81998Simultaneous determination of seven sulfonamide residues in swine wastewater by high-performance liquid chromatographyJen, J.F.; 鄭政峰; Lee, H.L.; Lee, B.N.-
9Aug-1997The Smallest Pair of Non-crossing Paths in a Rectilinear PolygonC.D.Yang; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
101998Use of nonautologous microencapsulated fibroblasts in growth hormone gene therapy to improve growth of midget swineCheng, W.T.K.; 陳全木; Chen, B.C.; Chiou, S.T.; Chen, C.M.-
11Feb-1998Two Guard Walkability of Simple PolygonsL.H.Tseng; D.T.Lee; P.Heffernan-
121999Reactions of Ti(O-i-Pr)Cl-3 with bidentate ligands containing hydroxy and methoxy groups. The crystal structure of Ti(O-i-Pr)Cl-3(HOCH2CH2OCH3) and the H-1 variable-temperature NMR studies of solution structures of Ti(O-i-Pr)Cl-3(HOCH2CH2OCH3) and Ti(O-i-Lee, C.S.; 高漢謀; Kuo, C.N.; Shao, M.Y.; Gau, H.M.-
131999Gender determination in single bovine blastomeres by polymerase chain reaction amplification of sex-specific polymorphic fragments in the amelogenin gene陳全木; Chen, C.M.; Hu, C.L.; Wang, C.H.; Hung, C.M.; Wu, H.K.; Choo, K.B.; Cheng, W.T.K.-
141999The adsorption protein genes of Xanthomonas campestris filamentous phages determining host specificityLin, N.T.; 溫福賢; Liu, T.J.; Lee, T.C.; You, B.Y.; Yang, M.H.; Wen, F.S.; Tseng, Y.H.-
151999Oxidative stability of polyunsaturated fatty acids and soybean oil in an aqueous solution with emulsifiersDuh, P.D.; 顏國欽; Yen, W.J.; Yen, G.C.-
161999Sliding surface design for singularly perturbed systems蘇武昌; Su, W.C.-
171999Frequency-hopping codes for multimedia services in mobile telecommunicationsKwong, W.C.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.-
181998High pressure and heat treatments effects on pectic substances in guava juiceYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Lin, H.T.-
191999Concatenated prime codesHong, C.F.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.-
201999Improved cochannel interference cancellation for MFSK/FH-SSMA systemsLin, S.Y.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Tseng, S.C.; Hong, C.F.-
211999Sufficient length of a poly(A) tail for the formation of a potential pseudoknot is required for efficient replication of bamboo mosaic potexvirus RNATsai, C.H.; 蔡慶修; Cheng, C.P.; Peng, C.W.; Lin, B.Y.; Lin, N.S.; Hsu, Y.H.; 鄭綺萍; 徐堯煇-
221999The use of glucose to regulate pH values of culture media and increase the production of baculovirus (BmNPV) and foreign protein (HBsAg)Wang, S.L.; 王敏盈; Bentley, W.E.; Liu, C.C.; Wang, M.Y.-
231999Expression, purification, and characterization of the infectious bursal disease virus-like particles produced by insect cellsHo, J.Y.; 王敏盈; Lai, S.Y.; Lee, L.H.; Wang, M.Y.-
241999Probing the location and function of the conserved histidine residue of phosphoglucose isomerase by using an active site directed inhibitor N-bromoacetylethanolamine phosphateMeng, M.S.; 孟孟孝; Chane, T.L.; Sun, Y.J.; Hsiao, C.D.-
251999The crystal structure of a multifunctional protein: Phosphoglucose isomerase autocrine motility factor neuroleukinSun, Y.J.; 孟孟孝; Chou, C.C.; Chen, W.S.; Wu, R.T.; Meng, M.S.; Hsiao, C.D.-
261999Bamboo mosaic potexvirus satellite RNA (satBaMV RNA)-encoded P20 protein preferentially binds to satBaMV RNATsai, M.S.; 徐堯煇; Hsu, Y.H.; Lin, N.S.-
271998Stability of heavy metals in bottom ash and fly ash under various incinerating conditionsWei, M.C.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Hwang, J.H.; Chen, J.C.-
281999Size distribution of heavy metal aerosols in cooling and spray dryer systemWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Yang, J.T.; Peng, C.Y.; Chiang, B.C.-
291999Classification of the single oleosin isoform and characterization of seed oil bodies in gymnospermsWu, L.S.H.; 曾志正; Hong, G.H.H.; Hou, R.F.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
301998Analysis of the three essential constituents of oil bodies in developing sesame seedsPeng, C.C.; 曾志正; Tzen, J.T.C.-
31Sep-1998(思與言第36卷第3期, p001-p059)由歷代家訓檢視傳統士人家庭之經濟生活模式尤雅姿; Yu, Ya-Tzu; Department of Chinese Literature, National Chung Hsing University; 國立中興大學中國文學系
321999The study of the photocatalytic degradation kinetics for dichloroethylene in vapor phaseWang, K.H.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.; Lin, C.H.; Chang, C.Y.-
331998The kinetics of photocatalytic degradation of trichloroethylene in gas phase over TiO2 supported on glass beadWang, K.H.; 謝永旭; Tsai, H.H.; Hsieh, Y.H.-
341999Characterization of two subclasses of PR-10 transcripts in lily anthers and induction of their genes through separate signal transduction pathwaysWang, C.S.; 王國祥; Huang, J.C.; Hu, J.H.-
351999Structural and functional analysis of the 3 ' untranslated region of bamboo mosaic potexvirus genomic RNACheng, C.P.; 蔡慶修; Tsai, C.H.; 鄭綺萍-
361998PCR method for detecting recombinant baculoviruses with the insertion of a large geneLai, S.Y.; 王敏盈; Ho, J.Y.; Wang, M.Y.-
371998Estimating the hydraulic conductivity and diffusivity in unsaturated porous media by fractal capillary modelChen, S.C.; 陳樹群-
381998The simulation of hexavalent chromium formation under various incineration conditionsChen, J.C.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Chiang, B.C.; Hsieh, S.M.-
391999Adsorption on carbon and zeolite of pollutants from flue gas during incinerationWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Yu, L.J.; Jou, S.I.; Chiang, B.C.; Wei, M.C.-
401998The influence of heavy metals on the formation of organics and HCl during incinerating of PVC-containing wasteWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Yu, L.J.; Jou, S.I.-
411998Stability of heavy metals in bottom ash and fly ash under various incinerating conditions (vol 57, pg 145, 1988)Wei, M.C.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Hwang, J.H.; Chen, J.C.-
421999Temperature effects of trickle-bed biofilter for treating BTEX vaporsLu, C.S.; 盧重興; Lin, M.R.; Chu, C.H.-
431999Photocatalytic degradation of 2-chloro and 2-nitrophenol by titanium dioxide suspensions in aqueous solutionWang, K.H.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.; Chou, M.Y.; Chang, C.Y.-
441998Heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of trichloroethylene in vapor phase by titanium dioxideWang, K.H.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.-
451998The heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation, intermediates and mineralization for the aqueous solution of cresols and nitrophenolsWang, K.H.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.; Chen, L.J.-
461998A study of photocatalytic degradation of trichloroethylene in vapor phase on TiO2 photocatalystWang, K.H.; 謝永旭; Tsai, H.H.; Hsieh, Y.H.-
471999Cell line-dependent activation of hepatocyte growth factor by insect cells infected with HGF-recombinant baculovirus in serum-free mediumYang, Y.Y.; 王敏盈; Lai, S.Y.; Lee, H.S.; Wang, M.Y.-
481998Characterization of a desiccation-related protein in lily pollen during development and stressWang, C.S.; 王國祥; Liau, Y.E.; Huang, J.C.; Wu, T.D.; Su, C.C.; Lin, C.H.-
491997Expression, purification, and crystallization of two isozymes of 6-phosphoglucose isomerase of Bacillus stearothermophilusHsiao, C.D.; 孟孟孝; Chou, C.C.; Hsiao, Y.Y.; Sun, Y.J.; Meng, M.-
501998Seasonal activity, reproduction, and diet of a riparian frog (Rana swinhoana) from a subtropical forest in TaiwanKam, Y.C.; 楊正澤; Chen, T.C.; Yang, J.T.; Yu, F.C.; Yu, K.M.; 游繁結-
Results 51-100 of 1160 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).