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12008Analysis and architecture design of a downlink M-modification MC-CDMA system using the Tomlinson-Harashima precoding techniqueLin, K.H.; Chen-Hao, R.; Lin, H.L.; Wu, C.F.-
22012Adaptive TCP congestion control and routing schemes using cross-layer information for mobile ad hoc networksChang, H.P.; Kan, H.W.; Ho, M.H.-
32010The Relationship Between R&D Investment and Firm Profitability Under a Three-Stage Sigmoid Curve Model: Evidence From an Emerging EconomyYang, K.P.; Chiao, Y.C.; Kuo, C.C.-
42003Speech recognition of mandarin monosyllablesLi, T.F.-
52011A latency-aware scheduling algorithm for all-optical packet switching networks with FDL buffersChou, K.H.; Lin, W.-
62009Preparation and characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotube/PBNPI nanocomposite membrane for H-2/CH4 separationWeng, T.H.; Tseng, H.H.; Wey, M.Y.-
72012Design and test of a miniature hydrogen production reactor integrated with heat supply, fuel vaporization, methanol-steam reforming and carbon monoxide removal unitChein, R.Y.; Chen, Y.C.; Chen, J.Y.; Chung, J.N.-
82008CPW-fed monopole antenna characterized by using particle swarm optimization incorporating decomposed objective functionsShen, M.C.; Tsal, Y.S.-
92012Effects of dietary supplementation of Chinese medicinal herbs on polymorphonuclear neutrophil immune activity and small intestinal morphology in weanling pigsHuang, C.W.; Lee, T.T.; Shih, Y.C.; Yu, B.-
102012Hydrogen production using integrated methanol-steam reforming reactor with various reformer designs for PEM fuel cellsChein, R.Y.; Chen, Y.C.; Lin, Y.S.; Chung, J.N.-
112011Microbial fuel cell of Enterobacter cloacae: Effect of anodic pH microenvironment on current, power density, internal resistance and electrochemical lossesNimje, V.R.; Chen, C.Y.; Chen, C.C.; Tsai, J.Y.; Chen, H.R.; Huang, Y.M.; Jean, J.S.; Chang, Y.F.; Shih, R.C.-
122012Flexibility planning for managing R&D projects under riskWang, J.T.; Yang, C.Y.-
132007Shifts in developmental diet breadth of Lymantria xylina (Lepidoptera : Lymantriidae)Hwang, S.Y.; Hwang, F.C.; Shen, T.C.-
142012Modification of carbon molecular sieve membrane structure by self-assisted deposition carbon segment for gas separationTseng, H.H.; Itta, A.K.-
152012Dual paths node-disjoint routing for data salvation in mobile ad hocJiang, F.C.; Lin, C.H.; Huang, D.C.; Yang, C.T.-
162009Electrical Enhancement of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells by Metal-Plasma Ion Implantation Pt-Ru/C Multilayer CatalystsWeng, K.W.; Chen, Y.L.; Chen, Y.C.; Lin, T.N.-
172010Synthesis, in vitro macrophage response and detoxification of bamboo charcoal beads for purifying bloodHsieh, M.F.; Wen, H.W.; Shyu, C.L.; Chen, S.H.; Li, W.T.; Wang, W.C.; Chen, W.C.-
182010Can external corporate venturing broaden firm's technological scope? The role of complementary assetsLai, H.C.; Chiu, Y.C.; Liaw, Y.C.-
192011Ionic liquid membranes for carbon dioxide-methane separationUchytil, P.; Schauer, J.; Petrychkovych, R.; Setnickova, K.; Suen, S.Y.-
20Jan-2017Comparison of the Body Composition and Fitness Between the Elite and Sub-elite of High School Male Taekwondo PlayersTai-Yuan Su; Jong-Chang Tsai; 蘇泰源; 蔡忠昌
Results 201-220 of 220 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).